MEE_3420 medRobin is a frequent guest blogger and columnist exploring and advising on subjects relating to life and relationships.  She invites her readers to engage while encouraging lively conversation and debate.  No topic is off-limits!

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Robin also has contributed a regular column on Venus Williams’ lifestyle blog.

Robin’s opinion pieces have been featured in publications like The Oregonian and she is professionally cited in articles, including the Business Insider.

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Robin is currently writing two books: her first on her continued work and expertise on divorce and her second, a featured collection of her most popular advice topics.

Her first book, “Divorce by Design: How to Split Without Losing Your Kids, Your Money and Your Mind” looks at divorce in a step-by-step manner and, using statistics, personal background, and war stories shared with her by countless others, shows the reader a path to an amicable divorce and specific pitfalls to avoid. Focusing largely on the concepts of personal responsibility and moving past the pain of divorce, this book will be an invaluable tool for those considering or going through the breakup of a marriage. Sample Chapters include:

  • The Pit bull Lawyer: Why Hiring an Attack Dog for Counsel Puts You, Your Kids and Your Future at Risk.
  • Managing Lawyers and the Dirty Secrets of the Divorce Counsel Trade: How to Keep Your Attorney in Line and Ensure You Aren’t Getting Screwed by Sketchy Billing Practices.
  • The Top Five Ways to Screw Up Your Kids.
  • Co-Parenting Done Right.
  • Moving On: Living an Independent, Productive and Happy Life After Divorce.