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Friday Feedback and a Peek Inside my Soul

Dear Readers:

It’s been a while since we did one of these so let’s dust off the Friday Feedback Feedbag and see what came into my email inbox this week.  We will look at three today.  

It’s a decidedly mixed bag of goodies so keep reading!

Letter #1


I live in Palm Springs and tuned in to hear you on the radio.  Bill and Kevin (love those guys) mentioned you looked “better than ever” or something, and I was really upset to hear about how you are losing weight.  Then I read that you used to have an eating disorder.

You have the potential to impact young women so please be more thoughtful in what you say and take better care of yourself!


Dear Christy:

Thank you for listening to my Palm Springs appearance, in which I not only failed to hammer on my brand and blog, but also generated some concern as to various aspects of my lifestyle.

For those of you who missed it, click on the audio link below.  You can either enjoy the whole thing, or skip directly to around the 27 minute mark when I make my grand appearance.

I’m making a concerted effort to be more succinct so I will address your email with numbered responses.

1. How I Lost Weight and Toned my Arms

I was joking when I told Bill and Kevin I lost weight by starving myself and choosing instead to smell food instead of eating it.  It seemed funny at the time, but I wasn’t at my best that morning so perhaps it was not.

Anyone who knows me knows I am an avid cook and love good food and wine, so self-starvation is not a weight-loss method that would work for me.  What I have done is cut back on portions and my evil nemesis Chardonnay, while at the same time ramping up my workout program and doing at least 500 push-ups per week.  

I feel great so please don’t worry about me – I’m fine.

2. My Eating Disorder

My blog about my trip to the dentist which you can revisit here: Changing Your Ways! generated a lot of email to me.  I was asked several times,

“Why do you share such intimate details about your life?  Aren’t you embarrassed?”

I have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of with respect to this topic.  In fact, I speak openly about it when the subject comes up (ha!) in order to bring awareness to the chronic and destructive behavior practiced by so many young women.

When I regurgitate my bulimic adventures, I infuse the conversations with humor because I find laughter makes the walls come down.  People are more likely to listen to highly personal and difficult words when you normalize them with levity.

What I did to my body was viciously destructive to my health and I want to serve as a warning, not an encouragement.  In case any young and impressionable women are reading this right now please know this:

I was never heavier and more out-of-shape in my life than I was when I was bulimic.  Bulimia simply does not work to keep your weight down, and can instead make you fat.    

Pulled from the Internet because I’m lazy:

Top 4 reasons why bulimia can make you gain weight:

  1. The number of calories absorbed from a binge, even after purging, is greater than the number that would have been absorbed on a binge-free day.
  2. Numerous studies have proven that even when you believe you have purged all of the food you have eaten, many calories still remain in the body.
  3. When you have bulimia you tend to have a slower metabolism so the calories your body does absorb tend to be stored rather than used as energy. 
  4. Recent scientific studies suggest that calorie absorption may begin much earlier in your body when you have bulimia.

3. My Ability to Influence Young People

While I appreciate both your concern and your patronage, I can assure you my impact on young people is minimal.  My demographics are solidly in the 30s-60s category.  

In addition, having a teenage son has shown me without a doubt that I am utterly incapable of persuading the Youth of Today to do a god-damned thing.  If I can’t make one nearly-15-year-old fold his laundry, I don’t see myself leading the female children down the path of binging and purging.

But I do appreciate your optimism and delusion regarding my popularity!

Letter #2

This one was short, but sweet:


I will never be able to repay you for what you did for me.  I am thrilled you have decided to start getting paid for this kind of work.  Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help you.


Dear KLC:

Thank you for reading my announcement: Mediation and Bill Review Business?

It was my distinct honor to help you, and while I’d like to continue this work for free, it is simply too time-consuming for me to do so.

Can I take a moment to clear up a misconception you have?  You absolutely can repay me.  Read on to learn how.

The media opportunities I am pursuing are very exciting, but these things take time and even I am loathe to admit there is a chance they will not pan out in the way I am hoping (taking over for Judge Judy but with a taser and whip in place of her gavel and a bustier in place of her lace collar).

I’ve had some great meetings recently and there are more coming up. However, even under the best circumstances of timing and luck, it could be another year before I am making a good living.  It’s time for me to start exploring what I am best at and how I can generate some income. 

You know personally what I can do.  Repay me by sharing that blog everywhere you can and telling people about my business.  This is a double-good-deed because you will be helping others avoid the expensive and toxic morass that is “family law” to so many.

Readers, the same goes for you.

Letter #3

Dear Robin:

Jealousy is a bitch and so are you.  You wish you could have half the success she has.  

You are a stupid loudmouthed bitch and someday you’re going to get your ass sued.  Keep up the jokes, funny girl, you won’t be laughing much longer. The bar will deal with you too.  Have a nice life!

(no name affixed – imagine that!)

Dear Nameless, Faceless Coward:

Photo on 2-1-16 at 2.35 PM

Don’t sugarcoat it; tell me how you really feel.

Using the word “bitch” twice shows a lack of imagination and intelligence. There is nothing worse than someone who sucks at hurling insults.  For more on that, click here: 

The Art of Insults.

To say I have familiarized myself with the relevant laws regarding publication of my words is the understatement of the century.

Despite your opinion of me, this portion of my work is driven not by jealousy or a personal vendetta, but to hold people accountable for atrocious behavior and to bring that behavior into the public domain.

I have never written anything I cannot prove.  Never.

That may be why I have yet to receive a cease and desist letter from handsome and tall Stevie E., although a reader warned me yesterday not to hike any cliffs with him in Hawaii should he, like us, be attending the American College of Trial Lawyers Annual Meeting next month on Maui.

I assured the commenter I’d be fine, and included this link explaining my connection to this fine man who clearly believes in the ideal that everyone, even the worst of us, deserve counsel.  Click here for a fun story: The Adventures of Robin and Steve!

Lastly, I think we all know how adept I am at handling bogus bar complaints. In case you missed the most epic thing ever written in the history of epic things written, click here: 


That thing still makes me laugh every time I read it.

In Conclusion:

If you are here and have yet to sign up for the daily delivery of my blog in your email inbox, please take a moment to do so.  Please also take a moment to share my work and leave a comment.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



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