When bad things happen to bad people – yummy

This is not today’s advice blog, as I still haven’t completed it yet.  Because I want to continue to generate interest and page views, I didn’t want to leave the blog inactive for too many hours.  Therefore, please click on the link below if you want to read about the happiness we feel sometimes when bad things happen to others.

I wrote this when I heard someone whom I loathe was very sick.  Unfortunately for me, apparently my bad karma of putting this out there resulted in her health improving.  Damn me and my big mouth!  Or pen, I should say.

If you have ever delighted in the misfortune of another, even if it’s me, have a read.  If you haven’t, you are very special and belong in a human zoo, far removed from the likes of me.


Next advice blog should be born around 4 p.m today, unless I can induce labor more quickly.


Post-Darwinian Hubris: Schadenfreude Love Song

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  1. John DesCamp

    I’d forgotten how much I liked that one, and how much I detest the subject….


  2. echinachea

    Really great column, about which I had totally forgotten. But puleez tell me (privately if you must) the identity of “BDL.”. Inquiring minds, etc…….

  3. echinachea

    Something seriously wrong with the blog clock, or is that called a “block.” like “writer’s block? Oh never mind…….

  4. The Yetti

    Didn’t bother to read…however, schadenfreude is at once very dear and yet very shameful to me. I am always pleased to find another to takes pleasure in ‘damaged joy’. Shhhh, not everyone understands.

  5. The Yetti

    Another WHO takes pleasure…ah! Balls!

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