The Last Tuesday I’m Not a Star


Dearest Readers:

Today is the big day: my pitch meeting with a company that owns over 100 radio stations all over the USA.  Mr. Patience and Understanding asked me if I was nervous and I said “aw hell naw, they should be nervous!  I’m 1983 Microsoft stock, baby!  They’d be lucky to get in on the ground floor of this World Trade Center.”

Mr. PU looked at me askance.  “Um, the World Trade Center didn’t work out so well, honey.”

At this point I explained that Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Dr. Drew etc. are all the old World Trade Center, and I am the new one.  He suggested I find another analogy.



The blog will be back tomorrow with a great question about whether or not a couple should hire a friend as a real estate agent.  Until then, keep calm and wish me luck, please. I am so grateful to all of you who have supported me and believed in me since I started this in September last year.

I won’t let you down.

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  1. echinachea

    You go, girl! You KNOW you can do it, and so do I:)

  2. Queen Bee

    You got this! Trust in yourself!

  3. Assa

    Best of luck, Esprit-mere! It’s yours for the taking.

  4. lindachance28

    Best of luck. I have no doubt that you will bring this home.

  5. Alice

    WHOAAA! I’ll be thinking about you all day with all smiles 🙂

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