The Crimson Tears of a Disappointed Uterus

Ladies and gentlemen, happy Monday and welcome to the final 10 countdown to Christmas.  Have you hung your mistletoe and trimmed your tree?  I certainly hope so – you all know how much this time of year means to me.

I know my friend Andrea Doolittle understands because she baked me these lovely Christmas cookies!


As for her name, it’s quite a misnomer because she does a lot, as evidenced by her amazing photography work.  Maybe something on her website would make a good gift for someone on your (not shit) list?

Speaking of gifts, here’s another great idea for friends in your life who worship at the altar of Dionysus as I do: fun t-shirts and other items from “I Walk the Vine.”  Click here to check out their goods: I Walk the Vine.

Every time I slip on one of these t-shirts or hoodies for a workout, I am reminded to run faster, harder and for longer.  Why?  Because I drink too much wine and too much wine makes too much Robin.


For today’s blog, I submit to you a via golocalpdx a letter from “Martin,” a man confounded and confused by his wife’s behavior immediately prior to and during “That” time of the month.  Poor Martin; I truly feel for this guy.

Please click and enjoy, especially if you own an aging baby-making assembly line or live with someone who does: The Crimson Tears of a Disappointed Uterus.

And now I’m off to put the finishing touches on a song I am writing for Bill Feingold, the wonderful, kind, and hilarious man who, along with Kevin Holmes, gave me my first shot on the radio and thereby made much of what is happening now possible.

Even if you don’t live in Palm Springs, you can still listen to their morning drive time show live or later on KNEWS radio’s website.  Check them out from 6 to 9 a.m. weekdays – you will be glad you did!

Once Mr. Patience and Understanding and I finish the tune we hope to perform a live debut on the show and since I am already sick to death of this weather in Portland, I’m in a rush to get it done.

The title is: I’m an Old Jew, Stuck in a Truck, on the Radio.  Bill asked both Leann Rimes and Phillip Phillips to write a song for him with this title but neither of them has yet gotten their shit together.  Clearly they don’t love and respect him (or need, for that matter) as much as I do.


Don’t forget to read today’s advice on golocalpdx here: Ladies in MidLife and share, comment, post on your social media, etc.

Have a great week and I’ll see you tomorrow!







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  1. Dan

    Oh, Robin…

    I said, shaking my head sadly.

    You’re better than this. Recycling previous posts from scantly six months ago? Repeated absences and excuses to cut other entries short? These are not the professional and consistent front that will make you a star.

    You’ve the humor, intelligence, and snark to make it really big. It’s not going to happen, though, without better consistency in your presence, and I’m sure you know these repostings aren’t going to do you any favors.

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