Testing, 1 2 3!

We have had trouble getting WordPress to migrate all the subscribers.  Please leave a comment if you have a moment and let me know you got this!  And if you haven’t been reading because you haven’t been getting the emails, please take a moment to catch up!

Thanks so much, readers!

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  1. A Loyal Fan

    I made it (to the new site) safely – whew!

  2. Terry Power

    Got it!

    ****My comment was too short? AARrrrgh! Maybe this will be big enough for your blog 🙂 *****

    Terry Power

  3. Margaret Bagan

    I got it, thank you!

  4. Alex

    Got it Robin! Thanks. Excited to see the new format.

  5. Your Ancient Auntie

    email came through! Hope you guys are all safe at home.

  6. Steve Pickering

    Hi Robin,
    The emails seem to be coming through on a regular basis. Thanks for including me on the mailings and congrats on the good work so far and good luck as you move forward.
    All the best,

  7. Mary Bowman

    Got it! I guess it needs more words blah blah blah

  8. Andrea Doolittle

    I got this via email. I hope this means that things are back on track for you. Keep rockin it and stay warm!


  9. Laurie

    I got this e-mail, Robin. Keep up the great work!

  10. friend

    ……..good job…….

  11. Raftman

    Got it – been following via FB irrespective of the outage.

  12. Nixie

    I did get the test 123 email. Just in time to avoid withdrawals or the need to find an alternate fix for sarcasim!

  13. Denise Wantland

    I got it! Thanks for all your inspiration and wise words.

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