Sunday Rant

Dear Readers:
I must apologize for not posting yesterday, but tailgating began early and in earnest. Just so you know, this was my planned schedule for Saturday morning:
1. Wake up early;
2. Go running;
3. Write the blog;
4. Go to the Ducks v. Huskies game.

This was me at some point on Friday night with my brother John, who is a major Husky fan and generally terribly jealous of me because, well, duh:


Instead, my morning went like this:
1. Woke up late;
2. Wondered why I still had my boots on;
3. Spent 20 minutes moving my tongue around my mouth in an effort to change its texture from rock hard nasty tongue to normal pliable tongue;
4. Got up;
5. Instantly regretted it;
6. Sliced some limes;
7. And off to the game we went!


I know many of you look forward to the Sunday Rant, and I promise you I have a doozy coming up next Sunday, but today I just can’t, and here’s why:

Yesterday was a great day.


Driving over to Husky Stadium, I was actually somewhat nervous. The rivalry between the two teams is legendary, and in the past the fans have not always been nice to each other, to say the least. Bad feelings have been perpetuated over the years by things like this:


and like this:


I don’t know if everyone was just in a good mood, or if the fact the sun came out and there was no rain just giddified (yes, that’s a word because I said so) the crowd, but I was amazed at how well everyone got along, both during the tailgating festivities (the most important part of the day, of course) and the game itself.

I can’t rant today. I met so many great people this weekend, most of them Husky fans at the game. Afterward, there were no hard feelings about the loss the Ducks delivered to the Dawgs, and people stayed behind drinking beer, throwing a ball, and just being nice to each other.

During the half, I went back to the car to grab a drink and I met two Husky fans, brothers, one of whom was deaf. I gave them a couple beers and we had an engaging talk about life, football, Eugene, women (all of the good ones are married, I’m told) and the Grateful Dead. Here is a photo I snapped of them:


When we said goodbye, the deaf brother told me that the Ducks were going to lose by 7. I reminded him that I know from our conversation he is deaf, but not dumb too. We had a good laugh over that one.

So, dear Readers, it was just about the most perfect day I’ve had in ages, which has resulted in my Ranting Software being temporarily disabled. Don’t worry, I found a fix and it will be back in no time. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  1. echinachea

    Why rant when you can rave instead–about those amazing Ducks. It is wonderful that you had such a great weekend, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a happy day. Who knows; the sun could even peek through the clouds and we could all be outside enjoying the fall colors. Spectacular photos of Game Day. Poor Huskies:(

    1. Jeanna

      One word….Samsung! Oh….and WOOF! (married to a Husky makes me legally obligated to support.

  2. Linda

    Excellent non-Sunday rant Robin! Happy you had a good time!

  3. ridiculousDUCK

    Robin I totally agree with your thoughts about Husky weekend. I had THE best experience ever at a Duck game. Hung out with the millionaire boat owners on the docks before the game and actually had them believing I belonged there. (Was that them laughing behind my back?) The location of Husky stadium is like no other in America and everything came together on Sat- The Husky fans, the weather , the Husky Football team, all the Portland Folks I ran into and ending with the most incredible brunch at Salty’s on Alkai beach in West Seattle. My son was with us and we have such a special bond together with football, especially Duck Football.

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