Sunday Rant: Writer’s Block

Dear Readers:

As I sit in my office and watch another storm roll in, I am struggling with the subject I want to cover today.


Originally I had planned to write about the latest disturbing verdict (or lack thereof) to come out of Florida: the partial mistrial in the case against Michael Dunn.  Click here if you aren’t aware of the most recent illustration of the disturbing trend of young black males being shot and killed for the crime of being extremely tan.

This case makes me sick on so many levels, but I don’t have what it takes to do this subject justice today.  It’s been a long week and I am just feeling a little blah today.


I’ve even read the Oregonian twice, and usually that rag can produce at least two dozen “stupid shit I read in the paper” rant ideas.  Today?  Nothing is happening.

I guess I’m just not feeling especially rant-y today.  Goddess help me, I think I may actually be in a pretty good mood.  Good for me, good for my family, not always good for the Sunday Rant.


I have been asked to meet with the woman in charge of content at a new online magazine in Portland that will be entirely sourced by local writers – that meeting is tomorrow and I will let all of you know if anything comes of it.  I am hopeful and optimistic that it will, and as a result this blog will continue to grow.

Instead of ranting today, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your readership, especially those of you who have been active and vocal in your support.  Your words and actions are having a cumulative effect, and I couldn’t continue to do this without you.


While I have been surprised and saddened that some people whom I expected would be a champion of my effort have done nothing to support or encourage me, I have found that the bigger takeaway from my new endeavor is to marvel at those who have: some of whom I know pretty well, just a bit and some whom I have never met.


That’s pretty cool, and since I’ve decided to rule my emotions rather than let them rule me anymore, I’ve made the simple determination to take the positive message out of all this, rather than the negative.

I’m stopping now, because this is neither funny nor interesting to anyone but me.  I’ve got a sleepy head due to a killer butt-cruncher of a power walk this morning followed by a substantial brunch.  It’s time to curl up with House of Cards, my husband and the two little fuckers for some down time.  Try not to be jealous.


See you all tomorrow!  I promise to be back on my game and ready to bitch.  By the way, tomorrow’s letter is a good one: competitive volleyball moms!  I think you will enjoy, so sit tight until then.


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  1. Echinachea

    I was ready to bitch about the lack of a like button on the new website, then saw the like button so no rants for me, except the chronic case of too much rain.

  2. S Chamberlain

    Leeeooovveee this blog ;-{)

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