Sunday Rant: I Hate Happiness…

…and here’s why:

I am rant-less today. I tried, I really tired, to work up some anger and indignation about something this morning. I even read the entire Oregonian, searching for Stupid Shit I Read in the Paper material. This was a horrible experience and I hope never to do it again.

I was going to to a video blog (a.k.a. “vlog”) about obnoxious packaging, but I decided to do more filming over Christmas. Expect that rant in a couple weeks. Here’s a peek:
[wpvideo urByxjsx] (for those of you who received the blog via email, I’m not sure you will be able to access this video. If not, please go to the site:

I also considered ranting about the man behind me at the Blazer game a few days ago who spent much of the game on his cell phone, explaining exactly where his seats were and what he was wearing so his parents could spot him and his son on the telly. We are talking 8 or 9 separate calls, and no amount of turning around to deliver “That Look” was doing any good. These were really awesome seats, by the way…
(here’s a dickwad who thinks he can coach the team better than Terry Stotts)

In the end, I just couldn’t muster up any negativity today. I went to a wonderful dinner party last night with some of my husband’s oldest friends, and for the first time in all the years we have been going to this dinner, I felt comfortable, and not like “The New Wife.”

I had an epiphany that my newfound comfort around these wonderful people was a result of my newfound confidence in what I am doing. In the past three months, I have finally discovered who I am and perhaps more importantly, who I am not. I am finally free of my own expectations regarding my legal career, which have long weighed heavily upon me as I trudged along creating work that had no meaning to me.

Now, I am happy. I am confident that my momentum will continue, and someday soon the success I enjoy financially will match the enthusiasm with which I write this blog. I love this so much that I’d do it for free, but mommy needs a new pair of shoes and a house in the desert.

My mood is also high because I had a great week. My brother, sister and I had dinner together for the first time I can ever remember: no spouses or other family members, just the Three Musketeers. ‘Twas a hoot and a half.

Tom and I bought a beautiful Christmas tree, something I normally do around the 23rd of December, and it looks lovely.
(not quite done, but getting there…)

And finally, I met this guy. Turns out his name is “Andy,” which I found out when Jake and I returned on Monday for some holly. This is particular funny to me (his name) for secret reasons I cannot reveal.

And so today, my lovely and loyal readers, I just can’t get it up for a rant. Worry not, I will surely get pissed off about something stupid very soon. But today, I bask in love, Christmas and the promise of 2014: a year which will define me.

I wrote about the problem of happiness causing writer’s block a few years ago. PLEASE click on the link below for a really funny story about me and a local judge getting into a snit. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t give a shit that she wore a black robe for a living.

Unfortunately for me, I later met this woman face to face at a party. My darling husband was at one end of the room, and I saw him chatting with a very pinch-faced woman who looked like she hadn’t been laid in about 20 years. I decided to rescue him, and misinterpreted his wild hand gestures as a “come hither” form of sign language.

In reality, he was waving me off, desperate for me not to approach and hence have to be introduced to this judge. Ah, good times.

Anyway, please read and enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more delicious and organic advice for you all! As usual, please send me your questions to

I love you all!


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  1. echinachea

    We all love you too! Happiness is a very good thing–and highly contagious too! Keep up the good work and good things will surely follow:)

  2. Ali Whiting

    Wonderful for you Robin!! I’m happy that you’re happy. Enjoy the peace and contentment for as long as it lasts.

  3. Melinda DesCamp

    I’ll bet that Alpaca has a history of defrauding other Alpacas.

    1. echinachea

      If convicted, he could wind up in Alpacatraz

      1. askdescamp

        Now that’s a good one.


  4. Chicken Little

    Awwwwwww. It’s kinda fun to be rant-less sometimes, isn’t it??!!! 🙂

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