Sunday Rant: How Come I’m not Famous Yet?


Dear Readers:

In my quest for establishing a presence on the radio, my writing has suffered and I find myself today with not enough time to finish a proper Sunday Rant in time to tape the podcast segment on “Wine and Sass” that I was invited to join in on today.  The podcast will be aired Tuesday so I’ll be sure to provide a link tomorrow and for a few days afterward.

As you all know, I take my Sunday Rant pretty seriously.  The Rant is my weekly opportunity to identify idiosity (new word, trademark to be filed tomorrow) and impotently blather on without actually coming up with new and helpful ideas to solve whatever problem I am complaining about.


A good Sunday Rant can take several hours to draft and between the taping and the cooking I am doing for an injured loved one, it just isn’t happening today.  Instead, I encourage you to read this piece I wrote about our local Animal Humiliation and Torture Center, also known as the zoo: Zoos Suck.

I think a generation or two down the line people will look at what we did to these poor creatures, whether land or water-dwelling, and judge us to be barbaric.  If you haven’t seen “Blackfish” yet, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.  Be sure to have a box of tissue handy.  I know some of you guys always do…


As for the title of today’s non-rant Sunday Rant, it’s less a complaint and more of a request.  My following has been growing and with each radio appearance I am more comfortable and sure I am chasing the right dream, but I need my big break and I’m not willing to do a sex tape.  This country has problems enough without me piling on.

My goal is to generate enough momentum in the next few months to earn me a spot on the Howard Stern radio program.  Mr. Patience and Understanding and I are going to London and need to be there by Sept. 13, so I’d like to appear on Howard’s show on the 11th or 12th when we stop for a couple days in New York.

You’ve got to agree Howard would love me.  So help me, people!  Surely someone out there knows someone who knows Howard or a person connected with the show.  If you do, please let me know so I can stalk them relentlessly until I land a spot and clinch my golden ring of fame and fortune as a result of my stellar performance.


Once again, I apologize for the lack of content for the past week.  We’ve had a lot to deal with on a personal level and it’s been hard to concentrate beyond appearing on the Bill Feingold show, branding work and some traveling.  By the way, don’t forget to listen by clicking here: 

Tomorrow I’m roaring back and getting my schedule organized.  If you know anyone in the industry who can help me, please pass this blog along and tell them I am the blogger/radio personality version of Microsoft shares in 1990: clearly valuable but you have no idea just how much.




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  1. Queen Bee

    I don’t know anyone who knows Howard, but I do know people who know people, so I will pass this blog along now. Listen Descamp YOUR day is coming… Things may not come when you want them, but when you need them. Keep working hard. …

  2. echinachea

    I agree with The Queen Bee!

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