Sunday Rant: Dog Shit and Personal Responsibility

Dear Readers:

My weekend has been a little out of control, and I’m afraid I don’t have much time to write today.  I have decided to re-run a blog post from a couple years ago for today’s Sunday Rant.  I hope you don’t mind the blatant recycling but I promise next week’s Sunday Rant is going to be epic: the complete and utter failure of Oregon’s No-Call list.  

If you are on the No-Call list and continue to get solicitation calls, please email me as soon as you can with your story.  I will be reaching out to our Attorney General for comment and the more people I can get stories from, the better.  Perhaps this little blog can even bring about some positive change.

I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot.  And so, without further ado, the dog poop rant.  Enjoy.

Hello?  Is anyone out there?  Anyone at all?

Life has taken some unpredictable turns lately.  I’ve been creatively constipated and reluctant to write as I feared not putting out my best work.  However, recent events have convinced me that my best isn’t required; I just need to write something.  I am hopeful that today’s blog will kick off a renewal of my commitment to this little-known and even lesser-read writing experiment.

I’ll keep this short today as I am working on a new project and I have much to learn.  For those of you who are interested, please visit  Which brings me to my theme today: people evading responsibility.  I have two photos for your consideration:

 This is a bag of shit.  And my dog.


This is the bumper of my car.

You may be wondering: what could these two photos have in common?  Well, I’m going to tell you!  The first photo was taken this morning on my run through Forest Park.  Like me, many walkers and runners bring their dogs to accompany them on the exploration of this unique urban paradise.  I include the Blonde Goddess so she can exercise and also because despite her short stature and slight build, I am confident she would tear out the throat of anyone who threatened me, or even gave me a dirty look without a good reason. 

On these runs, I am consistently annoyed and surprised to discover these discarded plastic bags along the trail.  In case you are wondering what is in the bags, it is canine fecal material.  I know.  I checked.  So there are people out there using the trail with their dogs and subsequently littering the park with plastic shit-filled bags.  What is especially infuriating about these folks is that they are in the middle of the forest, for thegodIdon’tbelievein’s sakes!  Why not just kick it off the trail?  Flick it with a long stick if you are especially squeamish about these things! 

These people want to be seen by others picking up the crap, but don’t want to carry it with them until they can properly dispose of it.  They leave the dirty work to someone else.

The bumper photo illustrates what happened to my car in the gym parking lot last month.  Someone backed into me with such force that this repair cost over $1,000.  There is no chance they were not aware of the accident, given the damage to my car.  That must have been quite a thump.  Did they leave a note?  Insurance information?  Hell, even just an apology?


So I had to clean up someone else’s mess, and it cost me a pretty penny.  And it made me grumpy for a good long time.

People, please listen: if you own a dog, clean up its mess.  If you do damage to someone else’s property, own up to it.  On a larger scale, own up to your life choices.  I have made some bad ones, both recently and in the distant past.  I accept those mistakes, learn from them, and move on to hopefully what amounts to a clearer perspective and focus on my goals.  I don’t expect anyone to take care of me or assume responsibility for my choices. 

Lecture over.  Cute picture of two generations of DesCamp males to cheer me up.   And a flower.


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  1. echinachea

    I LOVE doggies, but not always their owners. Up the street, someone recently re-landscaped and tore out a large hedge. Guess what they found under said hedge? You got it! Over 120 tied-up-and-knotted bags of dod shit! Now what is the point if picking it up, bagging it and knotting the bag if you are not going to properly dispose of the bag? Are we that stupid as a species, or is rudeness and lack of consideration the new norm? I wish someone could offer an explanation for this phenomenon. And why do people have loud leaf blowers running at top speed at 6:20 AM on a Sunday. Yes, this was the case today on Old Scholls Ferry Road. OK–done ranting for awhile. Great blog post today–you hit the proverbial nail (in this case dog feces) on the head!

  2. echinachea

    Ooops–typo in third line–should read “…dog shit….”

  3. Autofocused

    Here in West Palm Beach, we have some ass-clown who has a gorgeous Siberian Husky who is just the happiest looking dog we have ever seen. But this same ass-clown owner is someone who thinks his pup’s shit doesn’t stink. Literally. So despite the fact that there are several strategically placed dog-doo-bag dispensers throughout our neighborhood complete with recepticles for said filled bags, he just can’t be bothered to pick up his dog’s shit. I would love to have a newspaper rolled up so that I could whack his olfactory receptor and even rub his nose in. No doubt he does it in his own home…..

    1. echinachea

      I heard a funny and true story about an individual walking his dog through a fancy downtown residential-and-retail district and ignoring his large dog pooping in the middle of the sidewalk. Karma to the rescue! Said jerk then accidentally drops his set of car/house keys onto the sidewalk. Someone (a resident nearby) watching the scenario grabs jerk’s car keys, plants them firmly into the pile of dog-shit, and disappears, forcing the ill-mannered dog owner to…….well, I don’t need to spell it out. Apologies to JBD Jr., whose story I stole, but it was way too appropriate not to insert into this particular dialogue. Cheers.

      1. askdescamp

        I cannot tell you how much I wish this was me. I am a great lover of the Public Shame Move.

  4. echinachea

    I have a lot to report re the dysfunctional “no call” list, especially from the senior point of view. We get hit twice as hard. Will write it up tomorrow and hope you can get DOJ to listen.

  5. Hedgehog

    I live on a corner, so we have 150 feet of frontage. It’s amazing how often there are piles of un-bagged dog shit on the 100′-long parking strip. With kids tromping in and out of the cars adjacent to the strip, you can guess how often the shit gets tracked into either the car or the house. It’s a complete delight for someone who chooses not to have a dog. I’m a dog lover, but wouldn’t think of keeping a dog on a 50 x 100 lot because there simply isn’t enough room for it.

    On garbage days, some people put their crap-filled bags in our garbage bin, while others leave them on top of the bin. That’s a real treat when I’m heading out the door to work and have to play around with someone else’s dog crap while I’m trying to put the last bag of garbage in the bin. Sometimes it’s like Tetris, where you have to pull out a couple of bags of poop/garbage to accommodate the last bag. Just what I need is a dog grenade to get in the way.

    Every other week, it’s a recycling (i.e., not garbage) week, and we still get crap-filled bags left on top of the bins. That means that someone is intentionally leaving shit for either me, my wife, or Portland Recycling to handle. Like the jackasses in Forest Park, why can’t they take it to a public bin or take it home to their own bin? Because they’re entitled Portland dog-owning douchebags, that’s why.

    1. echinachea

      What/Who is Tetris? I agree with all you say above, except it is definitely not limited to “Portland dog-owning douche bags.”. We have way more than our share in Beaverton, and I bet it is the same in every city and town. Still, you are right! It is truly disgusting, not to mention very bad manners and total lack of consideration.

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