Stealing in the Name of Charity

Dear Readers:

Happy Monday and more important, happy Natty!


For those not in the know like my friend Jeff C., that means Happy National College Football Championship Day!  Jeff, I trust this will be the last reminder you have to see on this subject.

I received this stunning email last week and really had to mull it over before I dropped the Velvet Hammer of Truth on this woman, whose friend stole from her via theft by deception.  As are all Monday blogs, this one can be found on here: Stealing in the Name of Charity.

Garnering traffic is more important now than ever, so PLEASE click, read, comment and share.  Please.  Pretty please with Splenda on top (I’m on a diet)?

I promised a major announcement today but alas, the announcement has been delayed by a day or two.  Life just gets in the way of progress sometimes, doesn’t it? Fear not, it’s coming!  I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with a 5-time Wimbledon winner and yours truly.

The Duck game starts in 7 hours and I have yet to clean the house, cook the food and fold the napkins into little ducklings, so I must be going.



Go out there and seize the day, my friends!  Be sure to stay tuned this week…you won’t be sorry.  And read this NOW!!! Stealing in the Name of Charity




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  1. Unca Ed

    Nicely done, Robin! I hope Rainy feels better, knowing she outed Shady for behavior most of us just shrug off – to our own loss and further enablement of charity scammers! Dump Shady!

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