Radio Debut Info!

You can download a free subscription to the Bill and Kevin Show by going to and finding their show, the the podcast subscription. I am trying to work from an ipad which is practically impossible so if that link didn’t work go to my facebook page you will see the link there.

Download the subscription and listen at your leisure! If you don’t get anything else from me today, I’m sorry. I’m busy being famous over here.

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  1. John DesCamp


    Shit! I could not see a podcast button or even find a live link to click on that would get me into the show. There was simply NOTHING on the fucking web site that would let me listen to the show. ☹ Can you get me a link to a recording of the show?

    How did you feel it went? Pretty good, huh, or they wouldn’t have asked you back for Monday.

    Please, get me connected!

    Love you!!! I’m very proud of what you’re doing.


    1. echinachea

      John, having had the same problem, I went to the “music” section of my iPad and searched for “Bill Feingold” in the podcasts. You can listen to the different hourly segments from there. Of course, once I found the show, I could not find Robin’s section yet, but am still searching through it. Meanwhile catching a lot of Coachella Valley gossip and wishing their weather forecast was for us! Good luck!

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