No Call List: Please Respond!

Dear Readers:
While I was planning on a simple Sunday Rant next week to address the Oregon No-Call list and the fact that it is a massive failure, this story is much bigger than I thought. I am going to try my hand at a real “journalism” and writing a serious piece without any bad words or jokes.

Well, no. I can’t do that. I suppose I can write two versions: one for the blog and one for submission to, because I haven’t been ripped apart by online anonymous commenters enough yet this year.

OUT OF STATE READERS: Do you have a “no-call” list in your state? If so, have you registered? If so, do you still get calls from solicitors? If so, please let me know. If so facto.

Coming up later today on Mommy Wars.

OK readers, if you love me even just a little, please let me know your experience with spam calls at home or on your cell. If you don’t love me, write me anyway. As you know, I love me some hate mail.


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  1. echinachea

    We have been on the so-called “No Call List” for many years, to no avail. There is not one day that goes by without at least two scam calls, sometimes as many as 8 or 9. Since reaching a certain age, we not only get the credit card rate lowering calls, the pretend Microsoft calls, the free Bahama cruise calls, etc. etc. etc., but now we are further bothered by calls which begin with the booming voice saying “SENIOR CITIZENS BEWARE…….” blah blah blah. For us, these are an aggravating nuisance, but there are many older people who take this crap seriously and become very fearful, often giving out highly personal and sensitive information to “protect” themselves. It is abhorrent that these companies are allowed to robocall anyone at all, and even worse that they prey upon the weaker, often more naive segments of the population. I have spoken with people in Salem (DOJ, etc) who are sympathetic to the max, but equally frustrated. Every time they shut one segment down (remember Rachael from Credit Card Services?) another one pops up–“You have won a free Bahamas cruise……”

    Perhaps one solution would be to quit answering the phone, as the robocall machines rarely leave messages, but we do not like to risk missing emergency calls or one of the kids or grandkids in need of something, or just wanting to say hello. Which reminds me (speaking of grandkids) of the scary call we received one night from a Fake Nick, saying he was in jail in Mexico and pleading with us to send a thousand bucks bail money. It goes on and on. It is easy to see why people would get rid of their land lines, but why should we be forced to do this by disreputable entities hell bent on scamming us all. Help!

    And if anyone feels like starting a cyber fight with me re capitalization, punctuation or content, please cease and desist. Don’t tarnish Robin’s delightful advice blog with digital hate. Thanks! People who fight anonymously with strangers over non-issues need to get a more fulfilling life, and/or take Robin’s wise advice in all things, especially regarding manners and priorities:)

    1. askdescamp

      Thank you for your comment!

      1. echinachea

        De nada, senorita!

    2. CL

      @echinachea- I meant that as a joke. On another post you had referred to yourself as the “Spelling/ Grammar” bitch. Anyhow, my bad.

      But hey, thanks to you I now know where Moonstruck is!!! And did you know they have a nail salon right next door that feeds you wine while you’re getting a pedicure???!!! 😉

      1. echinachea

        To CL–so sorry for my oversensitive bitchiness! Digital communications can be misleading, but I read too much into something innocuous and after Robin’s death threats related to her OpEd, I tend to overreact. Major apologies and thanks for the pedicure tip! Hope you found Penzey’s too! Unless you are bored by all things culinary. They have some great stuff in there! Thanks again!

  2. Ali Whiting

    I’m on the federal do not call list but am receiving calls that my dental insurance is approved. I’ve gotten a few others but am thinking someone is keying in my number vs theirs…maybe they inverted or something.

  3. echinachea

    Ps to CL–I am definitely a spelling bitch! Ask Robin, though I rarely get to make a correction with that young lady:)

  4. AL

    I registered with the federal do-not call list several years back and its bullshit. I have added the phone numbers (numerous times) of the two assholes that won’t stop calling- the “lower interest rate” credit card scam and some house alarm company. So annoying. Didn’t 60 Minutes do a story on this? But then guess it didn’t much good if the calls keep coming. Oh- and I live in Texas. None of the phone numbers that call are registered as from Texas, if that means anything.

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