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Darling Readers:

Apologies but I cannot write the blog today, except this snippet to inform you I can’t write the blog today.  Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on what to do when you snoop and you don’t like what you find.  Let me tell you, this one is going to be a doozy!  I will also be posting the radio link for my appearance on the Bill Feingold show at 8:00 am (Pacific) Friday morning!

By the way, I already posted this on Facebook today but I can’t stand to post such a short entry and ruin your day, plus it bears repeating:

Listen up: if you are chasing a dream and thinking of giving up, DON’T. This morning I was driving and listening to the Ron and Fez show on Raw Dog Radio (Sirius XM). They were doing unscreened calls and I was listening to one guy after another say the stupidest shit and then hang up.

When I got home, I called the number, hoping to have the chance to plug the blog and the radio premiere. How many times did I call? 88. I know that because I have a fancy phone.

Busy…busy…busy…82 times. I finally decided I would only call five more times, because I have to get my shit together and do about a million things this morning. Call 87 yielded another busy signal, so I put the phone down and started to write.

But I swear to Goddess I had an overwhelming premonition that if I tried ONE MORE TIME I would get through. And I did. 

Ron and Fez have a hilarious show so check it out if you haven’t already. They were incredibly sweet and chatted with me about what to do if I get nervous (they assured me I’d be fine), they let me tell them about my advice blog and the details of my radio premiere. Then they said to call back and let them know how it goes!

People: if you have a feeling you are supposed to be doing something else, DO IT. Follow your passion and your dreams and the money will come.

To those of you who have been so supportive of me during my transition (and you know who you are): THANK YOU. Your friendship and confidence in me has carried me through some difficult days.

To those of you who haven’t (and you know who you are): fuck the fuck off, fuckers.



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  1. thelmaup

    “Fuck the fuck off fuckers”…!!!
    Laughing my fucking ass off right now!!!

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