New Year's Day Blog…Ain't Gonna Happen

As I embarked on the annual New Year’s Day hike with Tom and Margot, my mind was teeming with ideas for the blog today.  I planned a message of hope, optimism and encouragement for my millions of followers to enjoy as they nursed their hangovers and children.

Unfortunately, I received a text from Archie the Psychotic Chihuahua/WTF Mix’s trainer.  We had delivered Archie to a training bootcamp in Turner, OR in hopes he could be transformed into a dog who could take basic commands and be house trained.

Archie was supposed to be there for a week.  Today, day 3, he is being sent home.  Apparently he is untrainable.  So Tom and I are making the drive back to Turner to pick him up, and frankly I’m feeling a bit discouraged at the news and not able to write the cheerful bullshit I was planning to write.

Please tune in tomorrow for advice, cheerfulness, and Chihuahua recipes.  Happy New Year, everyone!

[wpvideo Tcb30x4g] S20 No No Bad Dog Needlepoint Saying


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  1. echinachea

    So very sorry….

  2. John

    Please see my Facebook post circa 10 days ago RE Archie. “This will not end well”

  3. wishful thinking

    wait, really? what did they say when you picked him up?

    1. askdescamp

      Very independent and not responsive to training. I think it was way too soon to send him away. We will keep trying at home! He’s so happy to be back with us!


  4. John DesCamp

    Yes, I do want you to introduce me. Let’s talk the details. Love you. Are we on for lunch tomorrow?

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  5. Geoff
    If that doesn’t work then try this:

    Good luck! I’m curious how this ends…..

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