My Wife Lost Weight and Now She Dresses Too Sexy!


Dear Readers:

Today on, I answer a letter from a man who’s thrilled with his wife’s major weight loss but not so thrilled with her suddenly-slutty way of dressing herself. How can he guide her to better choices without hurting her feelings?  Read here:

My Wife Lost Weight Now She’s Dressing Too Sexy!

I spent a lot of time Saturday and Sunday working on an entirely different question, only to have the letter-writer chicken out at the last minute when I gave him my analysis and advice in advance of publication (my bad – not going to do that again).

My recommendations were so spot-on that he raised the issue with his wife on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, right after I finished my final edits, he asked me not to publish the piece in case she see it and recognize herself and therefore cut off his balls or worse yet, sulk.

Which brings me to this:

Please continue to send me letters.  I quite literally could not do this without your questions.  However, know that I do spend a great deal of energy and hours on each and every blog.  Asking me not to publish at the last minute is extremely frustrating.  This is not the first time this has happened but I hope it will be the last.


An asshole advice writer would have published anyway because it was a really great blog.  I’m not an asshole, but don’t make me into one by playing a coy game of whiplash with me!

Don’t forget to click here: My Newly-Thin Wife Dresses Too Sexy! and be sure to tune in tomorrow for the letter from a gay man whose father refuses to attend his upcoming wedding.  Now there’s an asshole!

Have a great week, everyone!



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  1. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    Very sensitive advice! Are you going soft? Sorry to hear about your letter writer for today backing out at the last minute, that blows. Not that your advice wasn’t spot on, because a married woman going to a business dinner should not dress like a lot lizard, but I do think that a woman in her 40s can still dress sexy in the right venue. When I see Jennifer Lopez who is in her mid-40s dressing in revealing clothes, I say more power to her, I’m sure she works damn hard to look the way she does, she works in the entertainment industry, and why shouldn’t she show it off? Maybe the wife of the letter writer has always secretly wanted to dress sexy, and maybe they should go to vegas for a weekend and do some roleplay where she’s a hooker working the hotel bar and her husband picks her up? As long as no-one is around to see her that they know what’s the harm? We only go around once, (unless you’re into the whole heaven/hell thing or reincarnation) everyone should get their jollies while they still can!

  2. mikedescamp

    Hi Robin,

    I was going through your previous posts and found that I’d missed “I Can’t Believe I Might Be Falling In Love With a Republican”. Your response to the young woman in question, who describes the disagreement with her new sweetheart over the Affordable Care Act, gave me some pause.

    When speaking about Republicans you made the point that Tom McCall was nothing like Jan Brewer, and that is true. However, there is no Republican I can think of today who is anything like Tom McCall. I’d have suggested to the young woman that the Affordable Care Act may very well be the least of their disagreements.

    You also said, “I see no reason why an intelligent and open Democrat could not enjoy a happy relationship with a Republican, unless that Republican had a diametrically opposed value system,” and this is the real question here. In addition to exploring each others’ nooks and crannies (with which I have no problem, not being in any way prudish), the most important exploration early on should be, to use your words, whether the individuals in the relationship “have values and morals in common”.

    If the man in question is a “Relentless Republican” she would do well to find out, as soon as possible, how he feels about health care reform, leveling the field as regards taxes and income equality, a woman’s right to choose, equal pay for women, civil rights, separation of church and state, voting rights, gerrymandering of districts, money in politics, etc. Oh yes, and a truthful, fact-based discussion of Obama’s presidency and his accomplishments.

    It might be an uncomfortable conversation, but better to find out now the extent of the minefield to be traversed than six months or six years down the road.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    “An asshole advice writer would have published anyway because it was a really great blog. I’m not an asshole, but don’t make me into one by playing a coy game of whiplash with me!”

    Don’t kid yourself, Judge. You’re an incredible slouch.

  4. askdescamp

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree women “of a certain age” can certainly dress sexy! He sent me a photo of what she was wearing and trust me, it was not appropriate.

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