My Debut as a Gossip Blogger!

Dear Readers:

Many of you will not be interested in today’s advice blog, as it contains no advice. Instead, I am posting a link to a recap I wrote for the absolutely fabulous gossip site This is a great blog; this woman obviously has some very good sources close to some of her unlucky subjects. I am honored that she allowed me to take up some of her magnificent bandwidth today, and judging by some of the comments so far I am optimistic that I will have lots of good material for Friday Feedback this week!

Please visit her site if you care to see me writing in a different genre. I have been following this reality train wreck since the first episode of Season 1, and I hope to continue to write these recaps for those of you who enjoy them. If you don’t fancy this sort of thing, I’ll be back tomorrow with a rather serious issue: a husband may be fabricating his wife’s mental illness and driving away her friends. Or maybe she is indeed a nutter?

Deep and heavy stuff, people!

For your reading (dis)pleasure, I offer you thus: Welcome to what Jenn calls the Goat Rodeo, people!



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  1. Chicken

    Shaking… my… head.

  2. Chicken

    Moderating again?

    1. askdescamp

      No, it looks like this is the first time you’ve commented using the name “Chicken.” First comments always moderated and then people are free to write whatever they like before I see it.

  3. Ali Whiting

    So I’m playing catch up today to enjoy a few posts in a row rather than just one. I’m not sure why I do that because I still feel bereft when I’m done and there’s no more to read!

    I enjoyed the recap!! One question-why is it that long here is for young women only? I have long hair. I like long hair. I’m 50yr old. Which etiquette book says you have to wear a shag or bob if you’re no longer young? My sister has hinted (eye roll) that I should cut my hair. I don’t think short hair is a good look for me though. I don’t have good bine structure and have a big nose. I also think your earrings often become a focal point. I don’t have a lot of earrings. Maybe this is a topic to be explored.

  4. Ali Whiting

    Sigh. “Hair”, not “here.”

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