My Absence, Doth it Make Your Heart Grow Fonder?


Dear Readers:

A terrible and unexpected family emergency combined with travel and computer problems has rendered me helpless, hopeless and useless for several days and I have been unable to post.  This is especially true because nothing has seemed funny lately, and I owe it to my readers to make them laugh.  If the readers aren’t at least tittering and chortling while digesting my blog, I’m not doing my job.

For those of you forced to seek counseling and up your antidepressant medications as a result of my absence, I promise to reimburse you when I become rich and famous – an imminent status based on recent goings-on.


I write to you this morning from beautiful Palm Springs, California where I have taken up residence for the coming week.  Tomorrow when I am feeling more awake I will post a link to my hour-long appearance on KNEWS radio from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, along with the call-in number should you care to receive your admonitions and instructions live and without the random internet cartoons.

Today’s post will be brief as I am lacing up my shoes and heading out to do the Bump and Grind.  Now get your mind out of the gutter…the Bump and Grind is not a sexual activity, at least not insofar as I am doing it this morning, but rather a lovely hike of 7 miles that takes you to the top of a nice little hill here in town.  Last time I was there I took this:


As I summit and gaze down into the valley this morning, I plan to reflect upon a few things:

1. How close we all are to shutting out the lights for good;

2. How easy it is for us to lose someone in an instant;

3. How important it is to express love to those who matter before it’s too late;

4. How critical it is to appreciate every moment, even the very bad ones.

There’s nothing deeper than thinking really obvious thoughts, preplanned in fact, on the top of a tiny little mountain.


Hey, I never said I was Ghandi, though at times I have coveted his slimness.

Special thanks today to my sister Melinda for coming along with me on this trip, providing fun companionship and housekeeping skills I will never master in this lifetime.  Last night as we sat outside listening to music and talking, suddenly there was a streak across the sky that frightened me.

It looked like a massive comet or a plane on fire falling to the ground, but there was no impact sound and I sat in wonder, pondering what exactly I had just seen.  But five minutes later, the sky lit up in a somewhat brief but eye-popping display of fireworks.  This was not expected.

Melinda said the fireworks were for me – for my birthday coming up and for which this trip was originally planned to celebrate but is no longer.  That was nice of her.


More tomorrow so stay tuned and love each other!