Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson (and the Littlest Bickerson Too!)


Dear Readers:

Once again we find ourselves directing you all to the golocalpdx website for today’s missive.  Please be sure to click HERE to read about couples who fight in front of others. I’m willing to bet each and every one of you has been through this situation before.

Do you have married or partnered friends who argue in front of you?  How do you handle it?  If you’ve tried to address the issue, what has worked, and more interestingly, what has failed spectacularly?  Leave those experiences in the comments!

I have heard from many of you that you recoil from leaving comments on the golocalpdx site because it requires you to do so through Facebook or in other identifying ways.  While I understand your reasoning I urge you once again to consider leaving a comment on my golocalpdx columns every Monday.  Doesn’t everyone have at least four fake Facebook accounts as I do?

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I want each of you to know how much it kills me inside, just a little tiny bit, when you fail to share my work.  Won’t you please do this small thing for me?  Then you can be that guy who says, “Oh yeah, I was into her way before she became famous.”

Oh, wait, that didn’t come out right.

Damn, neither did that.  But you get my point.

Be sure to tune in when I answer a letter that actually came to me back in June but which I am finally addressing tomorrow.  It involves malicious gossip, women in groups (and the resulting mob mentality) and the beautiful concept of friendship silos.

Today is a big meeting that I expect to yield big results so I’m off to prepare.  Stay tuned because shit is about to get real, y’all.  And don’t forget to click and read today’s column! And share!