Monday Re-Run

Dear Readers:

My schedule today is insane as I am working on two top-secret projects related to the blog.  I regret to inform you that I do not have time today to write the advice you have all come to know and abhor, so I am serving up leftovers.  Please forgive me and come back for freshly baked advice tomorrow.

First up, my second most popular advice post to date: The Politics of Group Friendships, in which we once again explore why and how women are mean to each other.

Next, an oldie but a goodie from my old blog, Postdarwinian Hubris: Post

This was a piece I wrote about my addiction to fine footwear.  While I wish I could report I have cured myself of this disease, I cannot.  In fact, I may need to build a new closet to house my collection.  If any of you have gigantic size 10s like me and you’d like to buy some of my overstock, give me a call…

Have a wonderful day, readers!