Jet Lag


Dear Readers:

I wrote the blog today and upon my third proofread I deemed it unsatisfactory.  I’ve never done much traveling so I was not familiar with jet lag until now, and I can report it is a fairly awful experience, at least for me since I am prone to emotional disturbance and suffering a negative (bad jet lag) from an incredible positive (best trip of my life including my proudest moments as a wife).


In other words, leave it to me to turn lemonade into lemons.

As I vacillate between the joy of being home and the disturbing urge to stab someone in the eye with an oyster fork (such vacillation usually occurring within 60 seconds or less), I also struggle with the ability to concentrate enough to properly structure and complete an oh wait I need to dust some laundry pots dead dog asshole no gas.

I hate letting a day go by without posting and I know we had quite a bit of that during my travels, but the reality is I’m not able to entertain you today, nor am I in the proper state of mind to advise anyone, including myself.

For example, I advised myself to treat my jet lag with a bottle of vodka and a bucket of ice cream.  Thank goodness Mr. Patience and Understanding steered me away from that decision and locked me in a small room until I did 145 push-ups and promised to behave myself.

Perhaps later today I’ll be able to write up the final report of my illicit and illegal adventures in England and France, but until then I am just going to hunker down with the Real Housewives and do some extra cardio.  Have a great day, everyone.  I’ll be back as soon as I can.