Today’s blog will be served up later this morning, but I wanted to share this interesting tidbit for your consumption and consideration.

Of all the letters I am getting, the majority of them can be summed up by gender:

Women: Friendship problems
Men: Not enough sex with my wife

I’m curious, readers, why do you think that is? Please leave your thoughts in a comment so I can write about this for Friday Feedback.

Dr. Laura’s n-word problem and subsequent disappearance from the radio has left a void which I intend to fill, but without the judge-y hate and rancor. Don’t forget to share the blog today and know that when I am famous and wildly successful, l will remember those who supported me. I won’t talk to you anymore (duh) but I’ll remember you.

In all seriousness, I reached out yesterday to a radio program director with my idea for a call-in advice show and he wants to hear more! I’m hoping for a meeting next Friday when I am back from Los Angeles. How great would it be if I could double my followers by then? Can you help a girl out?

Love you all! Don’t forget to leave a comment regarding our problem-by-gender question.


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  1. John DesCamp

    Seems to me the problems are a mirror image of each other. The guys aren’t getting enough sex? Maybe they need to be better friends with their wives. The wives are concerned with friendship issues? Maybe they should try warming up their husbands: potentially (I said, “potentially”) their best friend.

    1. askdescamp

      Very good point, John!

  2. Ali Whiting

    Don’t expect a lady to put out if you can’t ever be bothered to go the extra mile. How about renting a hotel room for a change? Why not give flowers for no particular reason? How about cooking a freakin dinner and giving a lady a night off that doesn’t involve pizza or takeout chinese? Especially when the guy has been off from work all work and the lady worked late. So let me just go drag my tired ass from kitchen duty to the shower and then sure-can’t think of anything I want more than to give you a BJ. Rolling my eyes here…oops! Too personal? Seriously-how much effort or thought does it take to light a candle? Same old routine gets humdrum-both parties should stir it up from time to time. Just sayin…

    1. askdescamp

      Good points, Ali! It definitely takes effort from both sides.

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  3. Linda

    My partner is my best friend. He is a full time student and seeking employment. I work full time and he does almost all of the cooking and does clean the house! I guess I am blessed! lol!

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