I’m Swamped

Dear readers:

Today I was supposed to deliver my advice to a woman who wrote me with my most challenging question to date.  However, I was not comfortable writing the blog until she and I had the opportunity to chat by phone, due to the complexity of her issues.  We just got off the phone, and this is going to take me much longer than usual.

In addition, I have to complete a book proposal for an East Coast publisher and finish booking my radio appearance in…wait for it…Florida!  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I am taking my show on the road from Palm Desert to Florida!  More details once they are solidified.

Rather than making everyone wait until late this afternoon to read my wonderful and amazing stuff, I though I’d give you another chance to read a Sunday Rant I am especially proud of.  I am really feeling this rant today, after reading about the whales kidnapped for the Olympics, which I am now boycotting.  Here, have a look:


I’m sure my boycott will be devastating.

The rant I am reposting covered the birth of cubs at the Oregon Zoo.  Click here: http://askdescamp.com/2013/10/20/sunday-rant-stupid-shit-i-read-in-the-paper/

After watching the movie Blackfish and doing some research on zoos and aquariums around the world, I am quickly coming to the conclusion that human beings suck.  I hope someday the powers that be realize how fucked it is to capture or breed animals and keep them in captivity for our amusement.

The only way they will get the message, of course, is if we all boycott.  I love me some Zoo Concerts during the summer, but I will never attend one again, nor will I ever set foot in any type of Sea World or the like.

I hope you will all join me on this crusade.  I imagine that in a generation or two, people will be shocked to read how we used to treat these majestic creatures.






See you all tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and please share with your friends.