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I’m Not Dead Yet!

Dear Readers:

Tomorrow you will finally get to read an update on what’s happening in Portland, Oregon with my life and business.  I know all seven of you are desperate to know what’s going on!

On Wednesday or Thursday, I will answer a letter received recently from a woman who thinks her divorce attorneys might be fleecing her.  It reads:

Dear Robin:

I filed for divorce last year and since then I feel like my case has gone nowhere.  I’m starting to wonder if my attorneys are taking advantage of me so they can extend the divorce as long as possible.

Several friends advised me to get a second opinion, so I recently interviewed another lawyer.  He told me I should basically be done by now, but that it was too late to change counsel.

We don’t even have a trial date yet.  Is it too late?  How do I know if these delays are my lawyers’ fault or my husband’s fault?  How do I know if I am being billed too much?  I am beyond frustrated.

-Dina in Dunthorpe

Dina and I exchanged some emails and even though sometimes I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to sleazy DICKs (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpins), this case may be one of the most egregious I’ve examined.

I’ve never had such a long absence from the blog but because I am now 100% on my own, I have to focus on my fledgling business.  I will do my best to keep up the writing and my efforts to make you all laugh, think, and consider new solutions to age-old problems.

Please remember to send me your referrals or contact me if you need help with a split.  Read all about it here:

Divorce by Design

Speaking of life, I’ve got to get back to it.  Here’s a fun rerun for you!

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