I’m back!


Dear Readers:

I apologize for my absence most of last week.  I would offer up some sort of excuse, but I assume given the annual “Let’s Celebrate with Gluttony and Drunkenness our Slaughter of Native Americans and Stealing of Their Land” holiday, you may not have noticed I was gone.

Well, my darlings, I am back!  This week is a whirlwind of activity related to the blog, so once again your reception will be spotty for the next few days.  I do promise to make every available effort to post, but tomorrow is an all-day photo shoot and Wednesday Mr. Patience and Understanding and I are off to Palm Springs, where once again the Coachella Valley airwaves will be graced with my sultry voice and pearls of wisdom.

If you’d like to tune in live, you can listen at KNEWS Radio on Friday from 8-9 a.m., or you can listen on their podcast available on the same website.  If you’d like to have a question answered on the air, be sure to call 760-864-6397 and I’ll do my best to screw up your life in 60 seconds or less.

I will be joining my two favorite radio personalities, Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes, to discuss what’s happening in my quest to take over the world, my book, my radio program and of course, whatever current events are breaking on Friday morning.

For today’s advice column, I refer you to the golocalpdx website where you can find my advice to a woman struggling with a Bitch at Work.  Please share on your social media sites and comment!

Have a great week, my lovelies.



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  1. Queen Bee

    Exciting, photo shoot, still doing radio!! Keep pressing forward Robin!!

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