I need your questions – PLEASE!

Dear readers:

First, thank you very much for following my advice blog.  I have honestly never worked harder or been happier (sorry, former employers).  As of today, I have 20 official followers (that SUCKS, I need MORE!) and almost 1,500 page views.  If I can continue to gather readers and page views, eventually I will attract advertisers.  Advertisers will make it possible for me to scratch out a living and I won’t have to beg, borrow, steal, prostitute myself or WORST CASE SCENARIO go back to practicing law in order to put food on my family, as George W. would say.


Coming up later this morning: what to do when you and your spouse disagree on decorating.  In the meantime, I am pleading with you: send me your questions.  You can be totally anonymous by either creating a fake email account on yahoo or any other free email provider, or you can submit a comment anonymously on this blog.  I am trying to improve my technology to make question submission easier, so bear with me.

This column is 100% real except for the occasional joke questions which are obvious and always come at the end of the blog. Think of me like a baker: I can’t make a cake without flour, and you people give me my flour with your great questions.


Is something bothering you today?  Tell me about it and I will do my best to give you a solution!  At the very least, hopefully I can make you smile and forget about all the bullshit in your life for a while.

I love you all – now get me some questions!  email to robindescamp@yahoo.com.


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  1. Mary V. Bowman

    Ok–i will try to come up with something more interesting than my first question and joke question. I know, my life is boring.

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