I Hate Her Husband!

Dear Readers:

I am suddenly in need of a new hood vent and cooktop, so I am heading out to the appliance store.  Although I wrote quite a bit this morning, the blog needs at least another hour or two of work before it’s ready.  I need some time to catch up on several other projects as well – things are crazy busy and I can’t keep up!


Be sure to tune in tomorrow for “My Friend Can’t Get Over her Divorce,” in which a woman (99% of my letter writers seem to be chicks) struggles with a friendship when her divorced girlfriend can’t move past the end of her marriage.  We all know someone like that, right?


In the meantime, please click here http://askdescamp.com/2013/09/14/i-hate-her-husband/ for a re-run of one of my favorites.  This is actually a two-fer, as I received a letter from a woman who hates her friend’s husband AND a famous movie star*!!!

Housekeeping matter: please send me questions!  I have a new email for the blog: askdescamp@gmail.com.  Also, please share with your friends and PLEASE leave comments.  Let’s build a fun, sick little community together.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a real doozy, so be sure to check in!  Love you all, even the lurkers too lazy to comment.



*parody – please don’t sue me



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  1. Chicken

    I love that someecard…. Fuck that forgive and forget bullshit. I’m not suggesting that someone should continue to torture a bunch of other people by their unwillingness or inability to do this (that’s what shrinks are for)- It’s just obnoxious that people think and/or have the balls to tell another person that’s what the need to do in order to “set themselves free/ move on/ heal” blah blah blah.

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