How do I Keep My New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight?


Dear Readers:

Happy Monday and welcome to the best week of the year: the week after the holidays are officially concluded.

No, wait, I take that back.  Because the Ducks will be playing in the national championship game next Monday, the holidays have been officially extended (by me) to include that game and the day afterward.  You’re welcome or I apologize, whichever the case may be for you personally.

Today’s blog, as are all Monday blogs, is located on; you can read it here: New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution – Again!

Who amongst us has not struggled with the yearly ritual of making grand promises to ourselves and stumbling over them a short time afterward?  Please read, comment on the website (from a non-mobile platform) and share with your friends, frenemies, co-workers and former lovers.

I received a very compelling letter recently from a woman who is married and in love with her husband but she is also in love with another man from her past (or at the least, she thinks she is).

This moved me to ask you all: is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Can you reside in a happy marriage but carry a heavy torch for someone else?  I have my own theories about this question, but I would be deeply appreciative if you all would take this quick poll:

[wpdevart_poll id=”1″ theme=”1″]


Your answers are completely anonymous; I have no way of knowing who voted which way, so please participate!

Speaking of polls, I did a little experiment on Facebook this weekend which has left me utterly flummoxed about how to handle an extremely important issue that has developed in my life recently.  This is a problem I have struggled with for over a year, and it’s time to come out with it and seek help from outside.

Please see the pictures below, and answer the poll question posited.


Robin 56 cropped and softer no watermarkmeprovence

[wpdevart_poll id=”2″ theme=”0″]


According to my Facebook poll, it’s running about 50/50, with some people voting for me to shave my head altogether, some saying they like it both ways, and one gentleman opining “topless” in answer to the question, “which looks better: short or longer?”

I’m sure this seems like a silly waste of time but believe it or not, appearances are very important when you are trying to land a radio show, with the caveat that appearances are very important for women.  Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have nothing to worry about, clearly.

So I’ve given you lots of work to do today:

1. Click on the golocalpdx link and read, comment, and share my column;

2. Take the poll (without your spouse in the room) about loving more than one person at a time; and

3. Take the poll to give me some advice about my lid.

Happy Monday and all that jazz.  Thank you for your continuing patronage.  This is going to be a hell of year, and I’m so glad you are all on this journey with me.  And some said it couldn’t be done!






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  2. jason lyman

    You look absolutely fantastic, wouldn’t change a thing

  3. Kathy busse

    Love them all….but if I had to pick, the one where you’re sipping a nice, unfussy Sauvignon blanc?

  4. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    You look great with longer hair, more so than the cute pixie cut. Don’t get a weave, it will make you bald from the tension on your real hair. If you want to experiment with longer hair, get a wig or wiglet. That way when you get heated, you can ask your man to, “Hold my wig!” That never gets old to me!
    My biggest weight loss advice to people, is to set aside several hours a day to be hungry. Depending on my intake and exercise in a given day I figure between 2-5 hours of being hungry throughout the day keeps me right where I want to be. Hope that’s not entirely offensive to people!

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