Here’s a Teaser…

Dear Legions of Fans, Stalkers and Sycophants:

Back when I started this silly project, I joked that I was going to answer a question about threesome etiquette.  This was a shameless ploy to attract readers, but little did I know that one of my readers was actually awaiting my response and was disappointed when it never materialized.  Apparently, this is actually a thing about which some people need advice.


This is also a thing about which am not qualified to render advice.  However, sketchy qualifications and limited subject knowledge have never stopped me in the past, so why today?  So, for those of you who need to know the particulars of threesome etiquette, please be sure to visit the blog later this morning.  For those of you who do not need this information, please tune in anyway.  I will also be answering a question about what to do with an old wedding ring.

Riveting stuff!  Don’t miss it!

In addition, this is yet another shameless move: please share my blog with your friends and PLEASE (sorry, I shouldn’t shout but I’m grumpy) send me questions.  I’ve got about a week’s worth left and I need your help.  PLEASE!  Email your problems to me at  Create a fake email account if you want to remain anonymous.  I am trying to figure out how to get the questions submitted through the website but until then, please email.

Thanks everyone, and happy Tuesday!




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  1. Echinachea

    My idea of a perfect and satisfying threesome is salad, entree and dessert, so I doubt you would be interested in any ideas I might have on the subject, but You Go Girl!

  2. Ali Whiting

    Fun topic!!

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