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Dear Readers:

Between a long visit at the vet with Archie this morning and some unexpected business that arose shortly thereafter, I am pressed for time today and cannot complete the blog before my next appointment.

Therefore, I regret to inform you that you will not be served a steaming pile of suspect advice in a saucy manner today.  Instead, you will be subjected to my begging: I NEED MORE QUESTIONS.

You can’t tell me things in your life are okay.  We are all just flotsam and jetsam, after all, floating around aimlessly and in pain until we finally meet our doom. Surely I can help you navigate a problem in your life and make this unbearable journey slightly less terrible?


I don’t care how ridiculous or petty your issue is: if you’ve got one, send it my way to

Just an FYI for you all, I will be in Europe from Sept. 9 through the 22nd and doing my damnedest to blog from there, but you may see some reruns during that time.  I apologize in advance but Mr. Patience and Understanding has a big dealio going down in London and Paris and I need to be the charming arm candy for a while, instead of our usual arrangement in which he serves that role.

Don’t forget to read me on  I think I am published on Fridays as of now, but once it becomes clear my column gets the most clicks, they will certainly beg me to be a daily thing.

See you tomorrow with a good one!


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  1. mikedescampmike

    Hey Robin,
    It appears we can’t comment on golocalpdx if we’re using gmail. That leaves a lot of loyal readers out in the cold and cuts down on your hits, I would imagine.
    Mike in Portland

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