Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Dear Readers:

This week I once again had the honor of writing for Ms. Venus Williams.  I am now a regular contributor to her blog, which you can find on her website at Eleven by Venus Williams Blog. 

In addition to the blog, staffed by brilliant and insightful writers such as your’s truly, the rest of her website is awesome.  You can shop from a selection of unique, stylish and functional sportswear pieces designed by Venus and her team and join an online fitness community to get inspiration, motivation and support.

That brings us to today’s blog, which you can read here Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

If you are considering not clicking on that link, don’t.  Not only will it give me much-needed page views and up my visibility (remember, this is all about me!) but you just might find yourself getting some good advice on how to get back on the horse after she bucks you off.

Earlier this year, I worked my tail off to get in the best shape possible for my trip to Miami with Mr. Patience and Understanding.  The trip included a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Mark Elias, whose work you can find everywhere around you and also on his website here: Mark Elias.  Mark took the photo you see at the top of today’s blog.

After the trip, I started to backslide.  I didn’t realize how much ground I had lost until my favorite jeans and I got into an argument last week that went something like this:

Stop it!  Ow!  You’re hurting me!  Why are you trying to stuff a water buffalo into a keyhole?  At least do me a solid and grab that lube off the nightstand!

My jeans are mean sometimes.

So what went wrong?  The same thing that went wrong last time: white wine is my Achilles’ heel and the bane of my generally very healthy lifestyle.

Stop laughing.  


I almost never miss a day of exercise, I generally eat food that’s good for me in reasonable amounts, and as a result I’m usually satisfied with my fitness level.  

But damn if over the course of a few months that white wine doesn’t creep in at night and bake me a muffin top with its #1 ingredient: excess.

To prep for Miami, I gave up the white wine devil 5 days per week for 5 weeks.  I was shocked at how quickly I slimmed down into a much leaner, less puffy version of my January self.*  

And then I got back.  And my resolve dissolved.  So I’m back to that program again and considering making it more or less a permanent thing.  Napa Valley just lost funding for their new high school.  Sorry about that, kids!

Please read me at Venus’s site here: Click on this or I’ll hunt you down and tickle you.

In closing, I want to add that I understand problems that trigger complacency or abandonment of a tough job are not always avoidable.  In fact, they usually are not.  

Missing from this piece because it was already too long is a discussion on how to manage problems we cannot eliminate.  Look for that in a future blog!

Happy Tuesday.  Go forth and prosper and PLEASE help me do the same by sharing this blog, going to the Venus site, leaving a comment, and sending me $37.  

I need to buy some white wine food.


*Note to self: this may be indicative of a problem.  Consider eliminating wine altogether and doubling vodka intake.  

What, you thought I was going to promise to quit drinking?  Life’s too long for that!




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  1. Kathy

    I don’t want to give up wine. We love each other. Wine helps keep me happy when my dear husband, Mr. 1950s, is unintentionally driving me mad.

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