Friday is Here!

Dear Readers:

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend!

I am making plans to travel to Seattle to interview two men whose divorce stories will blow your mind.  They will be added to a new chapter titled “Horror Stories,” along with many others I’ve collected along the way.

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to be interviewed, please email me at  I am especially interested in people who have had experiences with a lawyer named Gordon W_ _ _ _ _.

If you can fill in those blanks and know of whom I’m speaking, get in touch.  His reputation is akin to my favorite divorce lawyer from hell here in Portland and I hope to hear from more of his victims.

I Need Help

On another housekeeping matter, I am recording interviews starting next week.  I will be conducting these audio interviews in my home so if you are willing to talk (anonymously) please email me as soon as possible to set up a time.

The goal of the interviews is to showcase my interviewing and radio skills for submission to producers, so you don’t have to worry about the material being released publicly.  If you have anything to talk about related to the subject of divorce, please give me a couple hours of your time.

Wine and cocktails will be served.  Duh.

Finally, I am still taking submissions for the book, especially on the subject of shitty, greedy divorce lawyers who needlessly drove up the costs while fattening their wallets (and in many cases, their waistlines).  Email me at to share your experiences.

If my requests don’t apply to you but you know someone who may be interested, please share!

Sorry for the brevity but I’ve got a 7 mile hike in front of me.  Television adds ten pounds and I will be appearing on multiple networks after my book is released.

Just you watch.  This is happening.

And remember: if you have a dream, GO FOR IT.



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  1. Mike

    Go get ‘m, Robin. You’re doing the entire world a favor by exposing the worst of the worst. I hope your work will facilitate some long-overdue change in the system.

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