Friday Feedback!

Hello and welcome to our first Friday Feedback, in which I answer letters from readers, respond to criticism and, more often than not, accept intense praise.  Shall we begin?

Dear Robin:

I like what you are doing, but I don’t understand why you have to swear so much in your blog.  I’d like to share this on my Facebook page, but I’m worried about what other people will think due to your adult content.  Can’t you get the same message across without the profanity?

-A friend

Dear Mom:

You know I can see your email address, right?  The answer, simply put, is no.  Which reads better: “light that motherfucker up,” or “light it up?”

However, I promise to think about what you said and to avoid any absolutely unnecessary use of bad language in the future.  Now don’t you have a fucking cake to bake or something?


Dear Robin:

It’s pretty funny to me that you of all people are writing an advice column.  I’ve known you for years and I happen to know personally that you have done a lot of pretty shitty things.  Who do you think you are to tell anyone what to do?  Your a fucking mess and you know it, so why don’t you just go crawl back under your rock and shut up?  Everyone is laughing at you.


Dear Anonymous: First, let’s address your grammar issues.  It’s “you’re” a fucking mess, not “your.”


While I certainly can appreciate your concerns about my credentials, it is my belief that my former mistakes are the foundation upon which I base my sage advice to others.  I have never claimed to be perfect or without character flaws, and indeed I would say that I have been quite straightforward about my shortcomings.

I’m sorry you are not enjoying the column, but perhaps if reading my blog distresses you, you should instead choose other reading material with which to bide your time.  I do hope you will continue to visit, however, and perhaps someday I will write something that appeals to you.



Dear Robin:

Thank you for your advice about letting go of my friendship.  So much to digest and reflect upon.  Very thought provoking.  Thank you, Robin.  It brought me to tears.  Finally…I know it’s time to let go…


Dear WMD:

Your letter meant more to me than I can adequately express.  Thank you, and my pleasure.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Love and Light (gag)



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  2. echinachea

    Your blog is priceless and HOW do you find such perfect cartoons? The Charlie Brown (re grammar) is perfectly placed:).

  3. The Hedgehog

    I wish I had a dollar for every time you write or say “[i]f I had a dollar for every time . . . .”

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