Friday Feedback: You Get Nothing!

Before reading today’s blog, please check out this video someone made the last time Tom and I went golfing…

Readers, today will be a very short missive.  I was absent yesterday and I shall be absent again today.  I am truly sorry, but yesterday was an   exhausting day of upping the odds I’ll get skin cancer one day by sunning myself with Mr. Patience and Understanding.

Today, we are off to golf at a famous club here in Palm Springs, Thunderbird.  I am nervous and excited and therefore instead of working on the blog this morning, I am watching videos on how NOT to shank your tee shot into Mrs. Havercamp.

It’s a real shame I am not doing Friday Feedback today, because I managed to profoundly offend one of my readers with Wednesday’s blog.  Fear not, however, because I intend to post Friday Feedback tomorrow.


Last night’s first fan meet and greet was a lovely success.  Special thanks to Will and Mark for organizing the festivities.  My hand can barely function from the hundreds of autographs I signed last night, and also because I tried to sign a woman’s boob but she was not a fan, just an innocent bystander.

The ferocity with which she grabbed my paw and wrenched away the pen may negatively impact my golf game, so I am considering a lawsuit.  Who told her to prop up those monsters so prominently anyway?  It’s not my fault…


I’ll be back tomorrow so please sit patiently by your computer or smart phone until then.  Also, please be sure to tune in for my radio appearance on the Bill Feingold show on Monday.  You can live stream the show by going to the station website at; I will be on a 7:00 a.m. Pacific and taking callers!

If you can’t tune in live, you can access their podcast from the same site.  These guys are really talented and entertaining so you should be doing that already.  How many times do I have to tell you all how to live every moment of your lives?  Jeez.

Love and kisses to you all!