Friday Feedback: Robin's a Raging Racist! Plus Our First Video!

Dear Readers:

I apologize for not posting yesterday – it was just one of those days.  Apparently, today has decided to be one of those days as well, so I’ll keep this brief.  As we slide into the final days before Christmas, I find that I am not as prepared as I had hoped to be for the holiday.  This will result in a bit of sporadic posting until December 26th, so bear with me.  There are things to buy, people!


Dear Robin:

Your comment/s about babies of color was way out of line and flat out RACIST!!  They’re are some things you don’t joke about, unless you want to look like a heartless and horrible person!!!!  Apparently you aren’t aware that these children are desperate to be adopted so you make fun of them??????  You also had a gay insult on the same post!  You want to give advice and have a radio show but you are just like Dr. Laura, and we all know how she ended up after using the “N” word!!!!!!  Good luck with that………

Sally Smith (I don’t think this is her real name)

Dear Sally:

Thank you for reading!  You have referenced last Friday’s Feedback, which readers can refer to here: Friday Feedback!  It means a lot to me that they give you time out from your Excessive Punctuation therapy at the group home to read my work and provide such insightful commentary.


(did you caption this photo?)

I had no idea that children of color had more difficulty finding adoptive homes than white children – thank you for letting me know.  Is this a new problem?  Have you told anyone else?  I certainly think you should!  Do you think it has something to do with the recent restrictions on abortions in some states, or 9/11?

If I had known I certainly never would have made a joke about it, as I don’t believe in joking about real issues or race, gender, sexual orientation, class, rape, child molestation, alimony or bad cooking.  These things simply are NOT FUNNY!


I try to stick to non-controversial puns and knock-knock jokes, you should know that!!!!!!!!!

For example:

Knock Knock?

Who’s there? (or as you would say, “whose their????????????”)


Sally who?

Sally forth, bitch, and get out of my blog.


Your fleeting relationship with intelligence and the number of marks required at the end of a sentence to provide emphasis renders you not worthy to comment or even gaze upon my work.  I’ll have you know that many of my friends are minorities, especially the ones that clean my house and do my yard.

In addition, I just adopted a multi-racial child myself, something I bet you haven’t done, which leads us right into our next letter.

Dear Robin:

I loved your letter from your doggie about the new pet in your home!  That was so funny and heartfelt.  Thank you for adopting this time instead of purchasing from a breeder as you did with your first dog.  Way to go!


Dear Rennie:

Well, thanks! Please enjoy the high-quality, Oscar-worthy movie I prepared yesterday which you can view here:[wpvideo jp6oDrSn] I’m glad you enjoyed My Parents Adopted and I’m Pissed!

We are still learning how to live together but I’d say things are going swell.  Margot thinks Archie is odd, mainly because he balances on his front two legs when he shits.  I shit you not.


What I wouldn’t give for that type of flexibility.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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