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Readers: I posted this Saturday but it only went out via email because the blog was not working properly.  Hopefully this will post correctly.  If you already read this on FB or via email distribution, I apologize for the re-run.

Welcome to Friday Feedback on Saturday, a 24-hour late blog that is starting to become a regular feature of this site. The blog was in a rebuilding phase this week so I have accomplished very little, but I look forward to cranking up my advice production machine next week.

(I never get tired of this baby meme – sorry for the re-run)

Having only received one bona fide piece of hate mail this week, I am feeling very dejected. Let’s start with the boring stuff – the praise and adulation from my legions of fans:

Dear Robin:

Wedding from Hell has to be the best thing you have written so far. I seriously laughed out loud throughout the whole thing and simultaneously pitied that poor guy. Having been through something VERY similar about 4 years ago, I can really relate to Mike and how it feels to be treated like an ATM by the wife and kids. I’m now happily divorced and dating a woman who would be horrified by the idea of me footing the bill for everything – she works and insists on paying her way, which is a good thing because I am stuck with a lot of alimony! But good advice to Mike, especially when you said divorce is expensive because it’s worth it. Man oh man, ain’t that the truth.

Your biggest fan in Omaha

Dear Omaha:

Thank you for your feedback on I was worried I was a bit too harsh on him, especially when someone suggested I become a domanatrix in my down time.

Poor Mike. I hope he finds his way out of his current situation, because all that financial pressure and the feelings of being used that go along with it are really weighing him down. Congrats on your own personal growth and making your life work for you. I’m just wondering how you managed to accomplish doing that without my help. Weird.

Anyway, nice to have another fan in the midwest. Good luck with your alimony situation. Sending your ex cancer vibes on your behalf…

Unknown-2 5.40.02 PM

(now THAT should garner me some hate mail!)


Dear Robin:

LOVED your blog on the Bickersons. I know two couples like this and my husband and I finally had to cut them out of our lives. It’s exhausting being around people who seem to hate each other, isn’t it? Keep up the great work and I can’t wait until you get yourself a radio show in Portland! When is that happening?

-Don’t Use My Name

Dear DUMN:

I am thrilled you enjoyed “Spring Break with the Bickersons,” which can be viewed here: I agree that spending time with couples who argue incessantly can be very taxing. However, it can also be somewhat entertaining, if you pretend you are watching a play. One couple in particular I know always reminds me of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
Unknown 5.40.16 PM

As for the radio question, I’m working on it! Stay tuned for more information on that next week. I am also working on a book which I can’t tell you about just yet, but it’s going to be AWESOME. I promise!


Dear Robin:

I can’t believe you didn’t get hate mail last week, because you are the epitome of what is wrong with society today. You are crass, vulgar, rude and immature. You have no right to tell people what to do and you do not have the proper training to give advice to anyone for anything.

I’ve followed your blog since you began purely for the astonishment at how horrible it is every day, and I often send it to people and they feel the same way. I look forward to you quitting this ridiculous endeavor and doing something meaningful with your life. You think you are going to be a big star and let me tell you that is never going to happen. Never.

No Name in Nowheresville

Dear No Name:

Thank you for the hate mail, I really appreciate it! Honestly, I can’t get enough hate mail, so if you could please send some every week I’d really be grateful. As I have mentioned and you pointed out as well, my hate mail has been declining, which is troublesome.

It’s somewhat ironic that you despise my writing and yet you read it every day, plus you share it with people. You do realize you are helping me succeed, right? Or are you so ill-informed that you don’t understand how the internets work? Every time you click on my blog you are promoting me, especially when you forward the blog to your friends.

By the way, I’m betting this is how it goes when you forward my writing:

From: No Name

To: Maria M.

Dear Maria:

Take a look at this tripe I read today. Ugh – this woman is horrible! See you at the Pitch tournament on Thursday! I’ll be a little late because my Weight Watchers meeting was moved to 1:00 and I have to meet with my divorce attorney at 2:00.  My husband is telling me I will have to get a job – can you imagine?



Maria then reads the blog and because she shares an intellect similar to yours, she is horrified. She is so upset at what she has read that she puts down her donut, pauses her online college course and forwards the blog to 20 people.

And…my page views go up, my radio show is secured and my book deal is made.
Unknown-3 5.40.12 PM

Keep up the self-righteous indignation, honey, because that’s what will pay for my winter home in Palm Desert, which I hereby pronounce will be purchased by the end of this year with the help of people like you.

images 5.40.18 PM

So thanks!


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