Friday Feedback: It’s a New Ballgame, Baby!

Dear Readers:

Thank you for being patient with me as I struggle through the sometimes frustrating but always exciting experience of launching a new website.  Welcome to!

I am using this new media tool not only to broadcast the Ask DesCamp advice column, but also to keep people informed about my coming books, media appearances, and alimony reform efforts.

For you Oregon readers interested in the current efforts of Oregon Alimony Reform, please check back in a couple of days as I am adding a new tab to this website dedicated to our cause.  I am working on editing a currently-proposed bill for 2015 and I’ll have the abstract posted next week.  We need your help so contact me and let me know how you want to become involved.

As for Friday Feedback, I’ll give you the Readers’ Digest version: people seem to love the new site although many are reporting some technical difficulties depending upon what type of machine they are viewing me on or what type of browser.  If you have any issues with the site, please respond in the comments below so I can work on rectifying the ongoing issues.

Instead of our usual Friday Feedback, today I’d like to re-post my #1 all-time most popular column I’ve ever written. Apparently a lot of people are imbibing too much alcohol and getting jiggy with their boss, because if you google “got drunk fucked my boss” my old askdescamp article is the first thing you see.

Mom, Dad, you must be so proud.

I’ve decided to re-run it for your Friday pleasure. Click here for a good time: I Got Drunk and Fucked My Boss: Now What?

Please do not drink too much this weekend and have intercourse with your manager.  It’s never a good idea unless you work for yourself.

Stay tuned because next week is going to be a real thrill ride of activity.  Are you ready?


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  1. Dan

    Ok, a week late to the party, but since my wife and I do work for ourselves, and I tend to consider her “the boss” where the business is concerned, I think this is a capital suggestion!

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