Friday Feedback: It’s a Mixed Bag


Welcome to Friday Feedback, our nearly-weekly submission to the spanking delivered by readers which we not only deserve, but enjoy. Meow!

I’ll start with the good stuff. From Astrid, our letter writer with the mean mom, came this text after I sent her a photo of a Buddha and cocktail during our virtual Happy Hour:

“I knew I liked you for a reason! Kinship comes from unexpected places sometimes. I wish you all the best. Really enjoyed your show with the two guys in Palm Springs. You are already a consummate professional.  Looking forward to reading tomorrow! Astrid”

Oh Astrid, you know how to make a girl’s heart go all a-flutter.


Thank you for your message and for providing me with such a great question. Now my question for you is: are you going to do as I, your new spirit-mother, tells you? Please respond in today’s comments.

Next we have an email from Joe. Joe doesn’t like me very much but like foie gras, I am an acquired taste.

“That must be some kind of a record. I read your blog yesterday about the gay white man who was told by his black partner he acts unnatural around people of color. I lost count on how many people you insulted and offended. Gays, Jews, Blacks, cognitively challenged children and their families.  You blew it and I won’t be reading again.

I’m betting you lost a lot of readers over that piece, especially African Americans.  Didn’t you used to practice employment law?  I’m surprised with your background you aren’t more culturally sensitive.”

Dear Joe:


Come on now, Joe.  I don’t know how long you have been reading my blog but surely if it’s been a while you know my sense of humor by now.  Lighten up.

I’m impressed you know about my legal background.  Apparently you possess the intelligence required to google me.  What you don’t understand is that in-house lawyers who practice employment law are not inherently culturally sensitive.  Their job is to cover the corporate ass when people are naughty, not to actually embrace diversity.


Besides, I’ll have you know that my good friend Tiffany loved my blog that day (which can be found here: Do I Act Weird Around Black People? if you want to re-read and experience your indignation all over again).  She even shared it on Facebook!  I love Tiffany.

FYI, asshole, Tiffany happens to be black/a person of color/African American (you used 3 adjectives so I thought I would too) so I win and your point is moot!


I do agree with you that the blog could have been better.  There are so many groups I neglected to offend and I feel bad about that.  While I’d like to take a shot at pissing off every protected class under the sun, I don’t have time.

You see, Joe, I got up very early today and finished all my work and exercise so I could enjoy a round of golf with a friend.  Although we don’t tee off for another hour, I have to get my ass to the range because my driving has been worse than an Asian woman lately.


Have a great weekend, everyone!  Next week I am meeting with radio producers so send me good vibes, please!



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  1. Just Jenn

    I freaking love you so hard.

  2. Astrid

    Dear Spirit – Mother ( though I out-age you by three years!),

    While I was initially taken aback by seeing my name in print alongside other somewhat vague identifiers, and almost texted you asking you to edit your blog, I instead slept on it.. My reaction today is, “What the hell? It’s a total win-win!”

    The answer to your query is yes, but a hybrid of your two solutions. I’m going to abide/ let things slide until the next time she says something which pushes my buttons, at which time, I will open an honest dialogue as suggested. This gives me the opportunity to put it away for now, but to know that my options are still open, and more importantly, are mine. One of us has to be the adult, after all.

    Nell I ain’t.

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