Friday Feedback: I May be Going to Hell But I’ll See You There

Once again we find ourselves celebrating the end of the week, which means not only anticipating a lovely weekend but also enjoying the critique of moi written by those who aren’t fit to judge me (insults) or those who clearly know their shit (compliments).  Let’s jump into the morass and wiggle around a bit, shall we?

Dear Robin:

You are a hypocrite.  One day you pretend to care about a girl who might be anorexic and then a couple days later you make gross and inappropriate jokes about losing weight by taking laxatives and speed.  So which is it, huh?  The people who are best at making people laugh know that some subjects are not funny and are off limits.  Eating disorders are included in that list.

“Formerly Bulimic It’s Not Funny”


The first blog of which you write was Worried About My Friend’s Daughter, the second was I’m Envious of my Husband.  I am flattered that even though you find me hypocritical you still tune in.  It’s people like you who will finance the remodel of the pool house in Palm Desert, so thank you for your patronage.



Hey, have you heard the one about the black hispanic one-legged retarded home-schooled 13 year-old lesbian bulimic who was raped by a fireman and his dalmatian as she escaped the World Trade Center on 9/11?


She died from the trauma, but that’s OK because she should have been aborted anyway.*


Kisses and Hugs!


The following is a comment left on my blog I Cheated – Should I Confess?

Ditto!!! Hit the nail on the head, Robin. But, that couple needs to get on the same page for intimacy….cause us Neanderthals just LOVE tapping it!


Dear Horndoggy:

Thank you for your comment!  One question though – who are you calling a Neanderthal?


I hope not just men.  I too fancy a good tapping, as does Formerly Bulimic It’s Not Funny’s 15 year-old blind daughter.  And that’s great, because most of us only dream of getting paid for what we love to do.  Win/win!


Hi Robin, you don’t know me. To make the connect, Laura Connell and I have been together for 10 years. Last night Laura read out loud Death Comes Too Soon for a Friend.

Your heartfelt words went from black print on white to the spoken word then directly into my heart. I had tears in my eyes. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing in such a way that even for a person that didn’t know John I felt that I wish I would have. A true loss for everyone, including me because I didn’t get to know him.  Peace to you.


Rick Plumridge

Dear Rick:

What a thoughtful message.  Thank you.

Although I am proud of this piece, I can’t tell you how much I hated writing it.  I am so disappointed our gang is missing part of the heart of what made high school and college so special.  And dangerous (just ask Chris Taylor’s finger).  I hope not to write another one of these for a very long time.




*I just wrote this joke.  Do we like?  Please weigh in by commenting.



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  1. Chicken Little

    Oh Robin. Some things really aren’t funny. 🙁

    1. adp

      Please continue with the irreverent humor. It is most refreshing.

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