Friday Feedback and an Explanation

Dear Readers:

I apologize for my spotty attendance this week.  I am having new carpet installed in my home and as a result, all the electronics had to be disconnected for a while.  I tried to blog on my iPad but it’s just too difficult for my giant man-hands to generate content on that small keyboard.

Honestly, there is so much going on right now that I need a couple days of light writing duty so I can focus on two projects relating to my eventual takeover of the airwaves and eventually the universe itself.  My lips are sealed, for now, but rest assured that things are happening and the love and hard work I have put into this blog is really starting to pay off.  I’m a winner!


Now onto the business of the day.

I received only one negative feedback email this week.  I’m really disappointed in you people.  Am I not being offensive enough?  An enormous amount of work goes into this site and if I am not enraging at least a few of you enough every week to generate hate mail, I’m not sure why I’m doing this.



OK, here we go with the nice stuff.

Dear Robin:

I loved your advice to the guy whose friend was dating an obnoxious gold digger.  My brother is just like “Bill,” he’s dating a woman who only wants him for his money but I think he’s just too lazy to find someone else.  I forwarded him your blog and now I think he’s mad at me.  Oh well.  By the way were you serious about Plan A?  That seems like a lot of work.


Dear Ted:

Thank you for reading I Hate His Girlfriend!  I’m glad you enjoyed my advice and that I could help you create a rift in your family.  And people say I’m not good for anything…



You are not the only person who questioned the logistics (and legality) of what I proposed in this blog.  Was I serious that this guy should hire an actor and try to catch this woman cheating on his friend?  No.  Would it be totally awesome and fun to do?  Absolutely.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your brother,


Dear Robin:

Your advice to the woman who wrote about the friend who was always bragging about money was spot on.  Why do we let ourselves become so obsessed over our possessions, rather than the true gifts of life: love, family, friends and meaningful work?  Nice job.

Impressed in San Francisco

Dear Impy:

The blog of which you speak can be seen here: Envious of Acquaintance’s Money.  Thank you for your letter!  As a former Collector of Things, I can relate to feeling envious when I see those who have more than I do.  It wasn’t until recently I discovered that if your focus is on money and possessions, no amount of either will ever lead to happiness.



You know what will lead to happiness?  All of those things you listed above, plus a nationally broadcasted radio show.  I’m working on that.


(sent via my contact form with no name)

I ran across your blog the other day and at first I thought it was sort of funny, but then you made a joke about Heather Mills and her handicap.  Not cool.  I don’t think you will find the success and wide audience you seek if you make such offensive statements.  Just some free advice for you.

(no signature)

Dear _______:

First of all, thank you for reading.  Second of all, meh.



Third of all, I didn’t write that joke about Heather Mills.  But I wish I had, because that was a good one.  Heather Mills is an unrepentant gold-digger who made off with about 50 million bucks of Paul McCartney’s fortune after a 4 year marriage (time from wedding until separation – the divorce took a staggering two years to complete).

In my estimation, Heather Mills is the very personification of a broken family law system, so please forgive me if I don’t go easy on her.  In fact, if I ever have the opportunity to meet Ms. Mills, I just may swipe her falsie off her stump and smack her over the head with it.

We will fight like warriors, though I don’t think she will be able to go toe-to-toe with me. I’ve got her outnumbered there, you see.

Thanks for writing.  Can I leave you with one more thought?




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  1. Mark

    Oh hell yes! You, with your big man hands and your humungus(is that a word?) hairy ball sack…no, wait…
    Is that a sexist comment? Ah, fuck it…Hurrah for full metal bitch mode and the raucous humor. The airwaves will never be the same…Keep working it.

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