Friday Feedback: All Hail the Queen!

Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, in which we continue to suffers the slings and arrows of readers so we can someday make our outrageous fortune.  Or something like that.


Our first letter isn’t really feedback, but a question for me personally:

Dear Robin:

How long does it take you to write each blog, and what is your ultimate goal?  Do you need a sidekick?  🙂


Dear SJ:

Thanks for your email!  On average, and including all the time it takes to talk back and forth with the letter writer and chew on their problem before I start banging on the keyboard, I’d say each blog takes around 5 hours from start to finish.


In addition, I am working on a proposal and first chapter for a book about a modern-day indentured servant, plus putting the final details on a radio show idea.

Add to that the hours I spend engaged in shameless self-promotion and begging for people to read my work and help me get to the next level and I would guess I’m putting in a much longer day than I ever did practicing law (unless you count hours of staring out the window, wondering when my real life was going to start).


My ultimate goal is to keep writing the blog and combine it with a radio program.  Thank you for your sidekick offer.  I’ll be auditioning/interviewing sidekicks as soon as I get my show, so call your station and tell them to sign me up!


Dear Robin:

My daughter died two years ago texting while driving.  A friend of mine saw your blog and forwarded it to me.  Your words were hard to read and a little strong at times, but I wish so much I could go back in time and shake my daughter by her shoulders and make her watch those videos.  Everyone knew she was a dangerous driver but she had a temper and was struggling with some personal issues for the last couple years of her life so I could never find the right time to talk to her about it.

Thank you for writing this piece.

Meredith M.,Spokane

Dear Meredith:

I feel there is nothing I can add here except to say I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  Readers, if you missed this blog you can click here: Distracted Driving


Dear Robin:

I’m still laughing from the blog you wrote about the volleyball mom.  My son plays lacrosse and basketball and I deal with parents like this ALL THE TIME.  Thank you for calling her out.


Dear Jim:

Thanks for reading Bitchy Volleyball Mom.  This was a fun one to write.  It’s a good thing my son doesn’t play sports because I would have a hard time controlling myself around these types, which I suppose makes me just as bad as them.  Hmmmm…



And last but not least, this wonderful piece of hate mail came in early this morning (1:37 a.m. to be exact):

Robin: If you get anywhere with this blog it will be because our country has fallen into a morass of bad manners and talentless celebrities who do nothing and are famous for it.  I feel sorry for your family.  Portland is a small town and you are embarrassing all of them.

(no signature, imagine that!)

Dear no-name:

Thank you for taking time to write to me at 1:37 this morning.  I’m sure Pinterest missed you during the 30 minutes it took you to craft that email.  Well done!


I’ll take the high road and say that if my family is embarrassed by me, it isn’t because of this blog.  In fact, I think they admire the hard work I am putting in so that someday we can all live on a compound and my parents won’t end up in a Holiday Retirement facility (surely a fate worse than death).


Your email is a bit unfair because it implies that a) I suck, and b) even if I make it big, it’s only because America sucks and not due to any efforts or skills that go into this blog.  You’ve put me in a lose/lose situation and it makes me sad.  Have I hurt you personally?  It’s hard to know because you didn’t use your real name.

If you’d like to engage in a more direct and personal conversation about why you don’t enjoy my writing or why you think I am an embarrassment to my family please let me know.  In the meantime, please continue not enjoying the blog.  I’ll take every reader I can get!




Finally, I am making an announcement soon about a new online magazine coming to Portland that will be sourced entirely by local writers.  Anyone want to guess who may be a columnist?  Love you all, have a great weekend!

Your Lovely Advice Goddess

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  1. Your Ancient Auntie

    For obvious reasons, I’m really puzzled by that person who claims to know that you are embarrassing your entire family…

  2. echinachea

    I agree with Ancient Auntie. I know of zero family members who are embarrassed! Proud and pleased is more like it. If one is lacking the humor gene, this isn’t the blog for him/her. No-name probably another version of “Peeved in Portland.”

  3. Alice

    Dear “No Name”- you wrote to Robin claiming she’s an embarrassment (to her family), when its obvious all you hoped was she would publically respond to your nonsense. You take the time to read her blog because you enjoy reading it daily. You’re intrigued, humored, & entertained and most importantly leave each reading w/ a lesson learned (just like the rest of us). The only embarrassment is your insecure self. Find some good to do in this world- we need more of it, its a sad day when people like you can’t see the good in what Robin is doing for others.

  4. echinachea

    We need Portlandia to discover Robin! Anyone know Carrie or Fred?

    1. askdescamp

      I have a great idea for their show but I don’t know anyone. 🙁

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