Friday Feedback: All Hail Moi!


Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly squeezing of the readers’ pimples of dissatisfaction and subsequent healing with the salve of the readers’ praise.  Let’s turn a tiny invisible blackhead into a large red blistering sore with its own heartbeat, shall we?


Once again you deliver lousy advice and think it’s funny, and of course it’s on the subject of spousal support.  Under no circumstances should Dad talk to his son about his monetary obligation to Mom – I’m surprised you would suggest such a thing.  The spousal support is to repay the mom for the years of work she did as a homemaker and the career she sacrificed to be there for the children and should never be discussed with the kids.

You get it wrong each and every time on this issue and since you chose to abandon your son in daycare soon after he was born, I’m not surprised you just don’t get it.

Sign me, One of Your “Hate Readers,” as you call us.

Dear “One of Your ‘Hate Readers,’ as you call us:”

Thank you for reading and thinking critically about Should I Keep the Peace for the Sake of my Son?

As always, I appreciate everyone’s patronage – even those folks who don’t care for me very much.  You have my deepest regret that this particular piece did not sit well with you.


However, I’m afraid you missed (or ignored) the much larger subject: whether Dad should seek a modification from Mom given the fact she is essentially married to someone else and both hiding that from her ex AND dragging her children into the lie. Where is your condemnation of Mom and her behavior in this scenario?

I’m curious whether you think it’s OK for a grown, educated wealthy barnacle woman to sucker and latch onto fall in love and co-habitate with another god damn foolish victim man and still expect her (very happy to be rid of her) ex-husband to keep her in pashminas and quality chocolate.

If you do, I’m afraid we may never agree on this subject and probably any other important issues of the day.  My assumption is you find that deeply unsettling since I am a real mover and shaker these days.  It’s hard to be on the outs with the People that Matter.  Believe me, I know.

If you ever shed your 1950’s mentality and blossom into a fully-functioning adult with self esteem and a real purpose in life, please give me a call.  Until then, I’ll be flattered to remain hated by you.

As for my son, your comment indicates that you either know me personally or you have read far enough back in the blog to know I wrote months ago about putting my son in daycare and going back to work.

I am sorry to inform you that although I tried my best to abandon him at Fruit and Flower Child Care Center on a daily basis, they always managed to find me at the bar and make me bring him home.

It was very annoying, but I’m proud to report that despite my efforts to be rid of him, he grew into a fine and upstanding 13 year old who hasn’t been arrested in weeks and there is absolutely no proof he fathered that child.


(Throwing up the “Forest Heights Warriors” gang sign again, that little devil.  I sure hope he’s stopped selling crack and single cigarettes to the younger kids in the hood.)

Now run along and play in traffic, you mean little hater.  Of the 50 questions in my queue right now, at least 20 of them deal with the alimony problem.  I have a lot of bad advice to write and you have some emotional eating to get to.


Dear Robin:

Hey celebrity!  Loved your first column in the new Portland online news source golocalpdx.

Regarding your engagement ring column – I feel the pain….when I got married I was working at (company redacted) and had a limited amount I could spend on a ring. I told her it would be about ½ carat – or thereabouts.

Her reply? – get me the biggest rock (just the diamond) you can get and I’ll buy the rest of what I want… I bought a raw stone that was just a hair under a carat and she went out and bought a platinum set – with 4 more adjacent smaller stones – from a prestigious designer that cost many times what I spent – alone – on the 1 diamond.

I’ve never quite gotten over the abject materialism of it all, and it was a blatant warning shot across the bow that I should have paid more attention to at the time…..she’s still trying to fill “that hole inside you” that you allude so accurately to – and I don’t know that she ever will….

Does that girl who wrote you really exist? How awful!



Dear Dude I Feel Sorry For:

Thank you for reading and commenting upon Engagement Ring too Small!

Although your letter brought praise for me, I found it very depressing.  I hope you can find a way to happiness either within or without your marriage.

Regarding your question “does that girl who wrote you really exist,” you should be the first person to know the answer is “yes” because you married her.  I assure you that all my letter writers exist and that this woman doesn’t think she has done anything wrong.

Come to think of it, do you have a daughter who was recently engaged?


I hope you all have a glorious weekend!  Please be sure to check out today’s column in golocalpdx which you can access at (suddenly my links stopped working so you will have to cut and paste that into your browser).

Please also continue to send me your questions and share share share the blog and the golocalpdx site.  You will be repaid in champagne and kisses very soon…

Your Humble Servant,


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    Congratulations on the GoLocalPDX column! It’s fantastic to have another dose of your insight and humor, can’t wait to hear your voice while you dish our your sarcastic wit.

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