Friday Feedback: All Good in the Hood


Dear Readers:

I know my blog coverage has been spotty as of late.  Between a family emergency and travel things have fallen apart somewhat.  Today, I begin putting things back together.

Click below to hear my radio appearance in Palm Springs on the Bill Feingold show (with Kevin Holmes, a man I will definitely try to convert if my husband ever wises up and leaves me).

I love these guys.  I plan to move to Palm Springs so we can have a three-way (radio show) every day.  I have yet to tell them of my plans but I’m sure I can talk them into it.



I’ve decided not to publish hate mail this week.  Instead, for this week’s Friday Feedback I’m wondering if you all would do me a favor: listen to the show and leave a comment.  Tell me what sucks, what’s good and everything in-between.

My future in radio depends upon me getting this absolutely right, and growing more poised and entertaining with each appearance.  That means I need you, my faithful readers, to lend me a hand.

This is a mini-blog today as I am off to make soup for one of my favorite people who is not feeling well.  I’ll be back Sunday with the Sunday Rant and then roaring back up to regular speed Monday morning.

Happy Friday, everyone!



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  1. echinachea

    Could you please re-post that link to the radio show? Muchas gracias!

  2. kj

    You rocked it lady! Too bad you couldn’t pipe in and have a little chat with Leann!!!

    1. askdescamp

      Unfortunately that was pre-taped or you know I would have!!

  3. Atti

    Wonderful! You are exceedingly conversationally deft, and have a great vocabulary and very pleasant voice. You will go far, lady; very, very far. Bravo!

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