Friday Feedback: All Aboard the AskDesCamp Train!

Happy (Good) Feedback Friday!

Mr. Patience and Understanding was kind enough to take me to dinner last night, and on the way home I lamented the small amount of hate mail this week.

“Why would anyone want to write you hate mail,” he asked, “when you are always so mean to them in response?”



Let’s try it his way, shall we?

Behold this communication from Steve:

“Wow!  You really tackle the big social and economic problems of our time, don’t you?  How wide an audience do you think you will reach covering issues as trite and upper-class as whether or not to blackball someone from a private club?  What’s next?  Are you going to give advice to women who are having trouble with their housekeepers, or men who don’t like the cologne their jet pilot wears?

Why don’t you focus on things that really matter and not this type of bullshit because it alienates your audience.  Otherwise, I really enjoy your blog and think you are on the right track.”

Dear Steve:

It seems that you and I have a little love/hate thang going on.


Thank you for reading and commenting on Blackball: Bad Karma? and thank you for being a fan, truly.  While I understand your critique, I must point out that my audience is broad-based and inclusive of everyone who wants to take part in this experience.

Just because someone comes to me with an upper-middle-class problem does not mean it isn’t blog-worthy.  Rich people have problems and feelings too!  Plus, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good housekeeper these days?


I hope you will continue to read my blog and share it with your friends and co-workers.


Please use the remaining time you have on the library computer to forward my blog to your bicycle commute group, your parole officer and your email list serve for “free-trade only food carts in Portland!”


Next up we have Will from Palm Springs.  I love this guy, seriously.  He is the reason I am having my first “fan meet and greet” in Palm Springs next Thursday at 5:30 at le Parker Meridian Hotel.  My hope is that I can avoid being crushed in the massive onslaught of love and support from the crowd of thousands sure to be there.

Now I know how the Beatles felt.


If you are in town (and you don’t plan to shoot me) please join us!

“Dear Robin,

I love your writing style! You are so witty and as I was just explaining to my boyfriend it’s a rare blend of both high and low culture, enlightenment philosopher quotation wrangling, and meme pics(or whatever the kids call them). I really admire the way you made a giant U turn in life and are going after your dream. You have a wonderful voice for radio, but a face for television.

I am launching my first business and seeing you manifest your dreams into reality gives me the encouragement to keep going and overcome each obstacle one by one. My mother is a writer, and I love witty, comedic writing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! I live in the Coachella Valley and was so excited to hear you on the radio.

Kindest regards,



Will, as I told you when I got your email, it really made my day.  Starting over at my age is terrifying and wonderful at the same time.  While I question your assessment of whether I could be on television, I do believe I was born for radio and I know I can make this happen if I continue to work hard and shamelessly self-promote my product.

Thank you for your note and I look forward to meeting you and your partner for a drink in Palm Springs!  Be sure to get there early to avoid the crowds!


OK kids, I have some projects that are hot hot hot and must be finished today so I am off and running.  I’ll soon have dates for my next radio appearance (I am currently begging for two – we shall see) and will post them Monday.

Finally, I am linking to an old blog about Easter that some of you will enjoy and some of you will HATE.  If you are disinclined to laugh at religion, please do not click.  Or do, because I need more hate mail for next week. Easter, Schmeaster

Have a wonderful weekend!