Friday Feedback!


Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly peering under the hood of this advice vehicle and fiddling with wires we don’t understand.

Today I am focusing solely on feedback from letter writers themselves.  The lesson for you in this exercise is if you want to be featured on Friday Feedback, you must write me a question!  In all seriousness, I have about two or three weeks of questions in the blogging bank, and I need more.

Please send me your issues at  As I’ve said before, if I can’t fix your problems, at least I can make you laugh or offend you like you’ve never been offended before.

First up, the gentleman who asked me advice on raising his daughter:

“Brilliant!  Thoughtful, insightful and funny.  Well done, RD!”


Aw shucks, thanks!  I really loved your question because I feel so deeply about the importance of raising girls to be strong, independent and self-assured.  Just the fact that you are thoughtful enough to have asked me this question indicates you are already on the right path.


I look forward to reading about your daughter when she takes the world by storm.


Next up, the woman who wrote to me about her incessant worrying:

“Robin, thank you so much for your response to my question.  I forwarded it to all of my girlfriends and we all started talking about the symptoms we’ve been experiencing.  This email chain was hilarious and I am going to send it to you.

It seems we have all been downplaying what’s happening to our bodies and what a relief it was to finally talk about it.  Thanks!  I made an appointment with my doctor and my gynecologist for next week so I’ve followed your advice.  I’m also taking up tennis again – something I gave up years ago when my life got busy.  I’m excited about doing something new and I will just make the time for me.

Thanks again, that was really helpful and so funny!”


Well, my dear, I am always happy to help, especially when it’s another woman of my vintage who is suffering as I am from the cruel yet inevitable Change of Life.  And thank YOU, because you gave me a great subject to write about and you shared it with your friends.  Sharing is caring!


And finally, I wouldn’t call this “hate mail” per se, but it isn’t exactly positive feedback:

I took your advice and decided not to pursue my student romantically until next semester.  Well guess what?  She ended up getting back together with her ex-husband, or so she told me during office hours last week.  Thanks a lot.  Thanks for nothing.”

Dear Stupid, Stupid Man:

“Office hours?”  During which you discussed her love life?  I think we may have had a major communication breakdown somewhere…


First of all, I saved you from possibly losing your job.  Second of all, I saved you from becoming emotionally invested in a woman who is still in love with her ex-husband, the father of her child.

You’re welcome, Assholio.  Have a nice weekend.


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  1. Mark

    Bonus points for the Beevis and Butthead reference on the last one. Professor Ras Boombaclot, wake up!
    Cheers 🙂

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