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Hello and welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly public flogging and basking in praise. Time is short, as I continue my insane Christmas Spirit Transformation, which today includes purchasing new gifts for several family members because my damn brother got them the same thing.

Dear Robin:
I really liked your blog today, but I’m disappointed you didn’t suggest adoption for this couple. Perhaps you could write an update and mention that there are millions of children who need a home and adoption could be a good idea for this couple?


Dear Barb:
Thank you for your thoughtful commentary on

The reason I didn’t suggest they consider adoption is because I wasn’t convinced they wanted to add to their family. If they do, and pregnancy is not possible, I would bet they are already aware of the adoption option.
(This annoys me – it’s like those of us who weren’t adopted are inferior to this little punk)

Just in case they’ve been living under a rock their entire lives and do not know children are available for purchase/adoption, please consider this your requested update on the blog. In addition, they should know that the darker the skin, the greater the availability and the lower the price, so get your brown babies NOW!*


Dear Robin:

Do you ever consider that your family may be embarrassed or offended by this blog?


Dear Curious/Probably One of My Family Members:

Yes and no. Let me explain:

Yes, I worry that I may write things from time to time that are upsetting and/or disturbing to my family members. Unfortunately for them, that worry is exceeded by my Authenticity Chip – that thing inside me that pushes my writing into the most personal areas of my life.


It’s important to me that I draw comparisons between my own experiences and whatever problems are faced by my letter writers.
As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think anyone has the right to hand out advice if they aren’t willing to put their own ass on the line and tell their story too, even when it is painful for themselves and others.

In order to rectify any future disputes with family members, I am hereby issuing a blanket apology to all of them, even the dead ones, for any pain, embarrassment, emotional distress or tummy issues caused by my writing.

David Sedaris, a writer whom I adore and plan to stalk if I ever visit France, has been asked about this issue numerous times. His general philosophy seems to be: fuck it. I love you all, but I’m going to use your stuff because it makes for great material and it’s not like you’re going to do anything else with it anyway – why let all this wonderful pain go to waste?

Then again, one of his sisters did commit suicide. Perhaps I should reconsider.



*If you were offended by this, I’m going to bet you don’t find George Carlin funny or insightful, in which case despite my desire to have an enormous readership, I’d like you to never read my work again.

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  1. echinachea

    Just in case I am on the suspect list, please be assured that I am not “curious,” though I am often curious.

  2. djkjdk

    The attorney’s advice for this couple was terrible. You are totally, 100% right on. I married a guy with two kids about the same age. His ex did not “like” me but always took the kids into account on everything she did and she always supported trips to see their father and stepmom (me) – she always tried hard to think of the kids first. I had no kids and didn’t plan any – he would have been okay with it but there was never an accident and it just didn’t happen. I had a successful career, their father is happy, the stepmom has a new career and the kids grew up happy with kids of their own and visit us constantly. It is sad when parents get very vindictive with support from counsel without thinking about the kids first. Talk everything through with your hubby – he sounds like a great guy and the kids will be there when they are able to make their own calls.

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