Friday Feedback!

Welcome, my children! Friday Feedback took a hiatus last week but we are back and rolling today. We’ve got some love mail, some hate mail, and something in-between. Shall we peek inside the mail bag and take our medicine?

Dear Robin:

Your blog is HILARIOUS. Keep it up, please! What the hell was happening last week – you barely posted! I rely on the daily delivery of your wisdom in my email so don’t let me down again! 🙂


Dear Deb:

Thank you for your kind words! Apologies for my spotty service last week. I was busy trying (too hard, as step-parents do) to be the world’s best stepmom on a trip to Tucson. The bad news is it rained most of the trip and the Ducks were treated to an ugly upset by the Wildcats.


The good news is the trip was a massive success and all three of my husband’s kids PLUS two of their significant others have asked me to adopt them. We plan to build several homes and live on our DesCamp/Sand family compound together. I will be given the first grandchild as a token of affection.

So there’s that.


You should be reported to the Oregon State Bar and lose your license. You are an embarrassment to the legal profession.

Steve (clearly not the writer’s real name)

Dear Steve:

Ouch. It’s one thing to be called an embarrassment in general, but quite another to be labeled an embarrassment to the legal profession. That’s like being called the ugliest contestant at an Appalachian beauty pageant.

I’m not sure what part of my online advice activity you think rises to the level of disbarment, since being obnoxious, obscene and talking out of one’s posterior is not a violation of the professional rules. If it were, most lawyers would be out of work.

I’m going to assume you are a lawyer as well given your concerns about the profession and who is or is not an appropriate member. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules and worry less about me and more about your ability to read and understand the English language.

Unless you are a divorce attorney of course, in which case you don’t need the ability to reason, you simply need to excel in the art of fucking someone and billing them for the pleasure.

Dear Robin:

(Written in response to my first recap of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
Are you always so callous? I desperately wish I could unread this.
-Gossip Queen

Dear Gossip Queen:
I am not callous, I am accurate. As for “unreading” what I wrote, this was a lengthy blog and you could have stopped reading it immediately. You did not, which tells me you either enjoyed my snark OR you are a member of the cast. Either way, I win and my work here is done.


Dear Robin:

Wow. I wonder how your parents felt about your holiday rant? Pretty harsh, in my opinion.


Dear Sam:

You are referring to my “Holiday Hell” blog, which can be viewed here:
The purpose of the piece was not to upset anyone or blame anyone for my own feelings towards this time of year. I very much acknowledge that my aversion to the holidays is my own problem and that I should have gotten over this long ago.

What may have sounded like a blame game was not intended to be. The divorces were rough on everyone and the fallout was felt by each person connected to the family, with the exception of my brother John because he is impervious to feelings and superhuman besides.

I know quite a few people who are divorcing or recently divorced, and I wanted to share my own experience with others so they could approach the holidays with caution and consideration. I also know many people in blended families who go through exactly what Sad in Seattle is experiencing, and my hope was that the advice I gave could give them some freedom to let it all go and give up the Norman Rockwell picture of holiday perfection.

I love my parents and while I am not a big fan of the holidays, this is not entirely based upon the ramifications of divorce. I also stress out about spending money on gifts, because as we all know I am a selfish and self-centered person who needs to save her hard-earned money for new shoes, not presents for others.

In addition, I also have anxiety about the holidays because much of the celebrating takes place around large meals. Since I was a little girl I have had an unhealthy obsession with my weight, and sometimes just being around a large amount of fattening food can trigger depression.

Of course, that’s my parents’ fault.



Love you all!


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  1. John

    It’s true. I am superhuman but I do have feelings. Just not very many.

  2. Autofocused

    Thank you, oh true and merciful advice goddess for ‘esplaining” it all so clearly to me today! I especially enjoyed the response you gave to the letter from dickfaced “Steve,” the lawyer.

    Well done, Goddess.
    We’re not worthy. Well, maybe I am.

    1. askdescamp

      Autofocused, your praise is much appreciated as always. Can I pay you by the word?

  3. Ali Whiting

    Thoroughly enjoyed Friday feedback!! Keep up the great work.

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