Friday Feedback

Welcome to Friday Feedback, in which we examine the critique received from our faithful readers. Today’s blog is short as I am en route to Seattle to watch the Ducks slaughter the Huskies.

Dear Robin:

I’ve enjoyed reading your column the past few months. I have a question: do you ever take your own advice?


Dear Curious:
What do you think I am, crazy? 🙂

Actually, I’ve had some letters lately that I could really relate to, and I am resolved to follow the advice I gave to others, even though it can be challenging. I recently evicted hypocrisy from my house so I’ll take my own medicine when I prescribe it to others.


Dear Robin:
Sometimes it seems like you are kind of harsh in your responses to people. Don’t you think this may make people less likely to write to you for advice? Try being nicer and maybe you will get further with this blog. Good luck!

-Just Sayin’

Dear Just Sayin’:
I don’t tell you how to crawl out of your cardboard box under the 405 bridge, take public transportation to pick up your government cheese and get to your job as a health club janitor (night shift), so don’t tell me how to write. I’m just sayin’.


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  1. CL

    Holy crap… did you just say that???!!!

  2. John Descamp

    Correction. Robin is coming to Seattle to watch the ducks lose to the huskies. In fact, her plane just got cancelled so maybe the football gods are speaking early. 🙂

    1. echinachea

      How the heck are Inquiring Minds going to know which John DesCamp is which? Maybe the Huskies fan is John III, but it’s possible John Jr. also is a Huskies fan. A mystery to ponder at any rate.

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