Friday Feedback!

Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly cracking open of the shell of this blog to slop up the yummy insides and maybe, just maybe, discover a pearl.

This week I had an overwhelming number of positive responses to the blog about the gentleman who wanted his ex-wife to admit infidelity during their marriage.  Click and read if you have yet to do so already…


From Charles:

“Really great blog today. Your best or close to it. Reminds me of the adage that there is a reason the windshield is so much larger than the rear view mirror.”

Dear Charles:

Thanks for the compliments, but please refrain from bringing up adages that I wish I had used in my work. You’re making me look bad; go away.

From Katie via Facebook:

“The best part for me is remembering the two halves that make up the kids. So important. If you put one parent down in front of the kids – think of the internalizing that kid does and the messaging about that half of them. Wow. Excellent piece, Robin.”

Thanks, Katie!

Now I’m not sure if the following comment was positive, negative or neutral but this came in from Mike:

“Ankus: Elephant goad consisting of a sharp spike and hook mounted on the end of a heavy stick.
Jeez, Robin, that’s gonna leave a mark.”

Well yes, Mike, that is quite the point. Quite the point indeed!

Lest you think I am not willing to publish the words of my detractors, I offer you the following critique of something I wrote long ago about SexyTime (he wants more, she’s not interested) which you can read here: Fat and Not Frisky.

From “Louise” comes this:

“You are a sick and deranged individual and a better misogynist than any man I’ve ever met and I’ve met plenty. Who are you to say women must have sex with their husbands on-demand? You call yourself a feminist but that’s a joke. Have you ever considered that maybe some of these men are oversexed or lousy in bed?”

Dear Louise:

I think you misread what I wrote. I did not say women “must have sex with their husbands on-demand.” Please re-read and have a dictionary handy.  

I do believe that any spouse who continually turns away at their partner’s seeking of intimacy should be neither surprised nor angry should that partner take a lover, leave, or both.  Sorry you disagree but great minds can differ (with feeble ones like yours).

Whether or not one partner is a spectacular failure in the sack should be addressed early on in the relationship, but if you married someone who can’t get your engine humming that says more about you than it does about them.

You say you have met “plenty” of misogynists.



I consider myself an educator of sorts so please let me take a moment to enlighten you as to the meaning of the word “misogynist.” A misogynist is someone who hates women, not a man who finds you unbearable.

Also, I’m sorry your husband left you. Just curious: has your hymen grown back yet? I hear that can happen sometimes.

OK folks, I’m off to run to the Key Biscayne lighthouse and back. I’m here in Florida with Mr. Patience and Understanding at his American College of Trial Lawyers Spring Meeting.

Man, do these people know how to put on a show.  This is the same group that finally got my uncultured ass to Europe last fall and they are surprisingly down to earth, warm and funny for a bunch of hoity-toity-lawyer types.

In case you missed them, here are some blogs I did during that trip. Enjoy!

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  1. Cousin Eddie

    OMG. If I had a dollar for every adage you’d taken from me, I’d be able to own a pair of rubber gloves (not lease-option them) and could finally have the metal plate in my head swapped out for a plastic one. Sheesh.

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